NASA: ‘Your Money or Your Life!’

So, modern industrial civilization’s gonna collapse and we’re all gonna die… unless, of course, we give up all our freedom. So says NASA, the bunch who used to put men on the moon, but who now moon mankind ( ).

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which used to have a space program but is now charged with issuing ideological proclamations on behalf of the Hugo Chavez wannabes in Washington, has issued a “study”–whatever that means–warning that, “to avoid collapse, inequality must be reduced and population growth must be strictly controlled.” And guess who’s gonna do the reducin’ and controllin’.

If this were a 1959 TV commercial, you would have a guy in a lab coat exclaiming, “Here’s scientific proof that communism really works!”

Do these people have any idea what they’re talking about? NASA used to be a prestige institution. Now they sound like a lot of political hacks who’d have trouble setting off a bottle rocket.

Do they even know what “inequality” means? Of course not. They’ve become mere left-wing chatterboxes. Have they even noticed that the poorest countries are the ones where the government does the most managing and controlling–North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, and so on?

As for “strict control of population growth,” countries like Japan and a few others are already so far below the break-even birth rate, that they’re well on the way to extinction.

Let this explosion of twaddle from NASA be a lesson to those who cling to the belief that “scientists” are smarter and more honest than the rest of us. They’re just as depraved as the rest of us sinners, and just as unworthy of our trust.

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