Acting Guilty

A friend with whom I rarely agree about anything chides me for not believing the “settled science” of Man-Made Global Warming, as brought to you by those impeccably honest and hardly-ever mistaken Climate Scientists and the Democrat Party.

So far I’ve been unable to make him understand why I don’t believe them. But let me try again, here.

I don’t believe these scientists, and the reason for my disbelief is very simple. They’re acting guilty. I may not be able to evaluate scientific reports and computer models, but I think I can evaluate human behavior. And this is the behavior that convinces me that these scientists are not worthy of belief.

When they refuse to debate the issue, or even answer questions, but just demand we take their word for it because “the science is settled, the debate is over” (when there never was a debate in the first place), they’re acting guilty.

When they exchange countless emails discussing how to “hide the decline” in global temperatures, how to dispose of unwanted data, how to discredit and demonize their critics, and how to deceive the public, they’re acting guilty.

When, instead of answering their critics, they lobby politicians to have their critics’ grants cut off, they lobby universities not to permit their critics’ children to enroll, and publicly demand that the government silence the dissenters, or even cast them into prison, they’re acting guilty.

When they go to court to block any viewing of their data or their research, and insist on keeping it secret, and not open to independent examination, they’re acting guilty.

When they hob-nob with and curry the favor of sleazy left-wing politicians who blatantly try to use “science” as a vehicle for their neo-Stalinist agenda, they’re acting guilty.

Enough “climate scientists” have engaged in the above activities to taint the whole movement. Given that their political sponsors demand our money and our lives as the price of their Saving the Planet, it seems damn near suicidal to trust any of these people to any degree at all.

I don’t trust them because they’re acting guilty.


7 comments on “Acting Guilty

  1. You got it-all of it. There were some other people who had some difficulty with settled science-Copernicus and Galileo. I think even Einstein said that science is never settled. The “settled” supportive nincompoops take that position, because then they can relax, go back to sleep, and forget all about the thought process. Einstein did say that human stupidity is infinite.


  2. Well said. We can’t even trust the weatherman to get the 7 day forecast right and were supposed to take man-made global warming at face value.

  3. How can I disagree?

    After one of the coldest winters we have ever had in Pensacola, FL …

    A friend, I know him through chess, he is a fan of my web pages. He actually works on a ship that is measuring ice in the Artic. And … despite all models of global warming, Artic Ice has INCREASED over the last three years. How to explain this without throwing egg on the idiots that believe the doctrine of global warming? ALAS, I CANNOT!

    1. So who are you going to believe–your lying eyes, or a computer model?

      The melting of the Arctic ice is a fiction hatched by immoral, wicked persons who want to use it as an excuse to grow the government.

      Following in the footsteps of physicists whose equations tell them everything that happened in the first 16 nanoseconds of the existence of the universe, these frauds have snookered the media into believing–as they want to believe–that computer models are evidence.

      What a load of 100% pure crapola.

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  5. Great point, Lee. Indeed, they don’t seem to want to talk about the merits of this, we are just supposed to accept their conclusions.

    1. All we’ve ever gotten from them is “The science is settled, shut up, do what we say or everybody’s gonna die!” Like they’d been watching too many bank robber movies.

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