Are You a Racist?

OK, it was a hoax: someone told a bunch of men and women on the street somewhere in southern California that Speaker of the House John Boehner said he doesn’t like Mexican food, and asked them if they thought that made him a racist (see ). Bearing in mind that all sorts of responses could have been left out of the final version of the video, we still have a lot of people saying oh, yes, by golly, that’s racist! They all said Boehner had to resign (for admitting he didn’t like Mexican food). They all agreed the country “cannot tolerate this bigotry.” One woman said, “They need to make an example of him.” Hey–how about a public beheading?

I wouldn’t take this at all seriously, except a year or two ago, “education” bureaucrats in Britain branded two-year-old infants as “racists” because they wouldn’t eat spicy foreign food. Besides which–are we not hectored by Democrats and media, every single day, that any opposition to them or to their policies, any criticism of the current occupier of the White House, is racist?

I don’t like Mexican food, especially when it’s prepared by Welsh people. “Racist, racist, racist!”

But you know what? I don’t care anymore. They use the word “racist” like they use “um” or “y’know.” The only way you can convince a lib that you’re not a racist is to volunteer to be “it” in a Knockout game.

Meanwhile, it’s a beautiful racist morning here, the racist dogwood tree is in full bloom, the racist bees are gathering racist nectar from the racist flowers, and all racist in all, it’s racist a lovely racist day. I racist hope all you racists out there racist enjoy your racist afternoon.

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  1. Yeah, I get your point loud and clear, and this is exactly the way I feel about this tiresome subject. A few years back, it was all “male chauvinism” which also became very tiresome. Even my cat is a chauvinistic racist. He doesn’t seem to like the large, aggressive, midnight-colored black tom cat. What can you do? Can’t teach him otherwise. It is as if being in any way prejudiced against anyone, their food or the horse they rode in on, is the worst, most hateful thing one can be- even worse than a thief or rapist. I shake my head and tune them all out. For good. Yanked out the TV- forever.

  2. The word “discriminate”-how long before it is outlawed and banned? I made a big racist mistake the other day. Mt teen is making some major mistakes-in my opinion, only of course. In our small community town, there is a particular midtown spot where the Natives (don’t say Indians-but they say Injuns), frequently gather, have fun, drink, yell, shout, scream, fight, and are frequently visited by the cops. In twenty years, I have never seen anyone there but Natives. So, the other day, I see my boy there, contracting some business regarding a skate board. I made a big mistake. I said, now you are mixing with the Indians? DOUBLE OUCH. You can guess his reply. I don’t have to tell you.

  3. Some years ago, when I was complaining about a few students who’d just darted out in front of my car on campus, I made the mistake of referring to them as “those people.” My passenger accused me of being a racist. Not having noticed what color the students were, I replied that I didn’t know jaywalking was considered a race.

    Another time, in a meeting of graduate faculty about problems with some of our graduate students, someone suggested that we have a remedial class for graduate students who had serious writing difficulties, and I said that someone who couldn’t write an extended research paper at this point shouldn’t be in graduate school at all. Once again, I was called a racist, even though I’d been thinking about one of my white male graduate students, one who could barely put together a coherent paragraph..

    In both of these cases, my accuser seems to have been the genuine racist, since (a) my passenger had noticed only the skin color of the students and not their behavior, and (b) my colleague at the meeting had immediately assumed that only minority students could have writing problems.

    Go figure.

    1. Oops, in the last paragraph, I should have said “in EACH of these cases,” since I referred to a single “accuser,” when in fact there was a different accuser in each case. But if anyone criticizes me about this error, I will call you a sexist. So there. 🙂

    2. I think I will go out for a racist walk now to try to ease my racist heel spur and maybe see the racist deer. I will try to find some sexist squirrels and xenophobic dandelions for you on the way.

  4. This certainly is a window into the thinking so prevalent today. For the record, I love Mexican food. I adore Mexican food, it, Italian food and a turkey dinner comprise my three favorite foods.

    However, in spite of having been raised in the northern suburbs of Denver, where Mexican and Italian restaurants abounded, I could not stand Mexican food until my early ’20s. For me, it was an acquired taste which didn’t develop until I was an adult. During my teens and earliest twenties, if I went to a restaurant it was probably Italian cuisine.

    But NONE of this has anything whatsoever to do with any ethnic sentiments. These are gustatory sentiments, literally a matter of “taste”.

    I am primarily of Scandinavian stock but I can’t stand Scandinavian food. When I say I can’t stand it, I mean I’d rather starve than eat that stuff. The mere thought of Swedish meatballs disgusts me. I do like Swedish pancakes, but so do the French, and they call them crepes. 🙂 But, in spite of my disdain for Scandinavian food, I am not a traitor to my family’s heritage. I love Scandinavian culture even though I can’t comprehend their taste for whitefish and decidedly in-spicy dishes.

    Even though I grew up in a predominantly Swedish household I couldn’t get enough spaghetti when I was a kid and I learned how to make spicy marinara sauces while still a child. Later, when I discovered Italian Sausage my life began in earnest. Then I developed a taste for pork Green Chile and my life has never been the same since.

    Here’s the thing, people that consider Boehner racist for disliking Mexican food are proving nothing about Boehner and much about themselves. They are just flinging mud and hoping some of it will stick. Is their motive social justice, or is it to advance their social agenda? I would favor the latter explanation.

    1. The power of sheer idiocy is not to be underestimated. 🙂

      Observing the trends of the last few years, I repeatedly find myself back at 2 Thess 2:11 where it says: “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false”. The context shows that this happens because of disobedience to God and refusal to love the truth.

      I think that this explanation nails it. Increasingly, over time, there has been a trend to accept wickedness in the name of inclusion and acceptance and, after living these lies, the result is that there are many people whom are incapable of reasoning, apart from the twisted logic used to justify badness.

    2. That reminds me of what my Navy cousin Russell used to say: Never assume the existence of a conspiracy when simple incompetence will explain things.

  5. Racism is racist. It really has become tiresome. No matter the topic, no matter the incident, no matter . . . it’s racist! We’re in serious trouble in this country. Please remember – these are our future leaders!

    1. If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. There are examples of racism in this world and it saddens me. However, there are a great many examples of people acting nobly and not allowing racial hatred to enter into their lives in any way. If even a minor fraction of the positive examples received publicity I believe that matters would improve for everyone.

  6. I hate mexican food! Yuk! I’d rather eat raw fat from behind a Moose’s eyes. I’d rather eat the liver of a wolf. I’d rather eat the heart of a bird, I’d rather,,,so watcha gonna do illegal Mexicans on American land? Call me a racist? Y’all would have to believe that anything you called me would bother me when nothing you say even interests me.

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