I’m Back

Five hours in the dentist’s chair yesterday, complicated root canal plus brutal and barbaric removal of a poor old wisdom tooth–nevertheless, here I am. But the next time anyone wants to do anything like that to me, they’re gonna need a net, tranquilizer darts, bloodhounds, and expert Australian aborigine trackers.

So what did I miss while I was getting mangled? Quite a bit, of course. Among the items that stick out are these.

Some Global Warming jackass warns us that Washington, D.C., will soon be underwater. To a lot of folks, that sounds like the answer to a prayer.

Gov. Moonbeam Brown, in the midst of one of the worst droughts in California’s recent history, warns that Lost Angeles Airport will soon be underwater because of Climate Change. I wish some reporter–dream on!–would have asked him this:

“OK, Governor, let’s say this scary story of yours is absolutely true: rising sea levels are all set to inundate LAX. Are you asking us to believe that you guys in the government can actually stop this from happening, if only we pay higher taxes and turn our lights out at 8 p.m. and not use our cars anymore? You can actually hold back the sea?”

Gee, King Canute the Great couldn’t do that. But the purpose of his demonstration was to declare himself only a man and nothing more.

That kind of humility has no place in politics today.

If you need humility lessons from some guy nicknamed “The Great,” you really need humility lessons.

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  1. I don’t know why – but its a fairly common fear among some of us otherwise big strong men – the Dentist. Mine started with way too many visits back in the 50s and early 60s – old style drills and it seemed the novacaine did not ever kick in fully till I was leaving the torture chamber. I especially identify and sympathize with you as I had several really rough wisdom tooth removals – about 30 years apart. Seems some of us have roots that wrap around the bone further and this gets pretty hard to pull without surgery.. which I think they probably would call some of what they did to me last time. And of course after doing one of those – you wait and put off the other way too long…. (did I say 30 years?) So… you have my prayers for a quick recovery, no problems afterwards and no return visits if possible. Glad you made it through however, we would miss you posts and fun on pogo if the dentist took you from us.

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