The Murder of a Soul

I don’t know if I can write this without losing my temper, but I’ll try.

Satan’s servants in Colorado, aka the Colorado “Civil Rights” Division, have ordered a Christian baker–and his employees, including his 87-year-old mother!–to undergo “sensitivity training” until they are pronounced “rehabilitated” from their belief that same-sex imitation marriage is a sin. For two years, they will be on parole, and required to report to the servants of Satan at regular intervals to prove their minds are right.

As is true of every country in this fallen world, there have been plenty of evil things done in America. But now, for the first time, we see tyranny and wickedness reaching out past the body and grabbing for the soul.

If they can re-arrange your conscience, and order your mind as they please, are you even you anymore?

For virtually the entire time the human race has been on earth, in virtually every nook and cranny of the inhabited globe, people have believed homosexuality to be unnatural and immoral. The teaching of the Bible is crystal clear–this behavior is a grave sin, hateful to God.

Now this view, not only handed down by God, but ancient and universal, has been declared wrong and hateful and punishable by persons for whom no language I can think of would be harsh enough. Now a Christian who owns a business, and peaceably lives among his fellows, can and will be persecuted unless he takes an active part in a grotesque parody of marriage that he is convinced is a mortal sin. The triumphant forces of Organized Sodomy, with the State as its strong-arm man, offer the Christian a choice: either you bow to us and disobey God and betray your own soul, or we will destroy your livelihood and make your life a hell on earth.

How long will we allow this to continue?

I am a free-lance writer. Will the day come when two sodomites demand that I write a piece celebrating their mock nuptials, and not only write it, but attend the sham wedding and read it aloud as part of the festivities? Why should a writer be any safer than a baker, or a photographer?

In advance, this is my answer.


8 comments on “The Murder of a Soul

  1. Some of my relations, responding to me, say that I should never get angry-that that is negativity. Nor should I hate anything-or even fervently dislike it. Oh, well, soon we will all be gone, and the brave new pioneer souls will have the stage to themselves, to mess as they like, in their own excrement.


  2. Dave said it. Things are only going to get worse as widespread persecution hits all those standing in Biblical truth. Jesus is the truth and the world hated him. Why should we expect anything different?

    1. Nevertheless, it’s obscene and outrageous that such things as these should happen in America. How can we be so spineless as to permit it?

  3. I was at a restaurant just last week and they had a sign in full view that said “We reserve the right to refuse any service.” This has always been the accepted practice of restaurants. Only now in today’s politically correct environment does it suddenly become an issue. This is pure fascism.

  4. I think Big Sodomy will get emboldened enough in the near future to take on churches directly. I know the argument already: When a state has ordained the institution of homosexual marriage, it’s sedition to speak against it. I hope I’m wrong.

    Until then, this is my Father’s world. Oh, let me ne’er forget. That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the Ruler yet.

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