The Vice President of Gomorrah

Hey, boys and girls! We’ve got a new definition of “civilization.”

Loopy Uncle Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, says “gay rights” is what defines a country as civilized ( ). Considering that the very concept of “gay rights” didn’t even exist until some years after Joe became a U.S. Senator, what does this tell us about his grasp of history?

By Joe’s standards, the only civilization in all of world history, until the modern “gay rights” (translation: homosexual supremacy) movement came along, was that of Sodom and Gomorrah.

According to the worst presidential administration in history, the great mission of America is to promote “gay rights” far and wide, and to lean hard on defenseless African countries who are unwilling to adopt this most depraved aspect of a depraved Western culture. Gee, I wish they had announced that in 1776–don’t you?

This is necessary, say our ruling malefactors, to combat a global wave of anti-“gay” violence.

What bunk.

Do you know what kind of violence doesn’t bother them? Anti-Christian violence. Compared with the massacres of Christians throughout Nigeria and Syria and elsewhere, and systematic, brutal persecution of Christians in many countries worldwide–all of it easily documented–“anti-gay violence” is downright mythological. It is nothing.

They also never object to real violence against real women, especially as practiced in the Muslim world. You never heard any of these depraved Democrats utter a peep about that.

Yes, occasionally a “gay” gets murdered. So do a lot of other people. But compared to what is being done to Christians and to women in many countries of this fallen world, our ruling hypocrites ought to be ashamed even to mention it.

But the ability to feel shame is alien to reprobate minds.

9 comments on “The Vice President of Gomorrah

  1. Reprobate minds is exactly what we are dealing with, as you say. First, there is indifference, tolerance; graduating to apostasy and falling into reprobation. Total degeneracy is the “norm” now. Believers, better watch your backs. Better yet, pray, trust and expect YHWH God to watch over you.

    1. One of these days, the Lord is going to put a stop to this wicked foolishness. I just want to be here when He does.

  2. People who worship God are not allowed to say what they believe in,. The same all the world over.

  3. I was thinking the same thing when I first read this story. If Biden cares so much about civil rights why doesn’t he say anything about the Christians who are being persecuted? Why are they so obsessed with such a tiny minority who, by their own sexual proclivities, have segregated themselves apart from normal society? I have my ideas. It’s the same reason they are obsessed with abortion and birth control. They hate human beings, it’s population control.

  4. America will pay a huge price of judgment because of her willingness to push this evil upon the rest of the world.

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