A Glimpse into the Heart of Godlessness

Can’t anybody make a decent movie anymore?

Again Patty and I tried to relax after a more than usually hectic week. Veg out on a horror movie, sez I. What was I thinking? Maybe I thought we could find something like A Warning to the Curious. But no–we found American Horror Story instead,

Actually this is a cable TV series, not a movie. We watched the pilot.

Well, that pilot crashed on the runway.

What made us choose this for our viewing pleasure? We’d never heard of it before. It had like 2,000 5-star Customer Reviews on amazon. So it must be good, right?

To say this was drivel would be to insult drivel. To say it was rubbish would be grossly to exaggerate its worth. If someone ever tries to show you this, either bolt for the exit or, if you’re trapped, reach for a weapon.

American Horror Story is about a bunch of nasty, spiritually diseased people getting killed off, one by one, by haints in a haunted house. All the characters are horrible. You’d be happier spending your time with jock itch. Why we are expected to care what happens to them is one for the mystics. I mean, really–I do not want to get peeks into their banal sex fantasies, much less witness what they actually do.  Meanwhile, the screenplay is totally incoherent. To follow the story line, first you’d have to find one.

Nevertheless, there is one thing to be said for it.

What happens when utterly Godless individuals make a film about Godless characters, intended for a Godless audience? American Horror Story is what happens. The characters in this story live, not only by bread alone, but by every load of bunk that comes out of secularism, psychobabble, and New Age woo-woo crab manure. Hey! Who needs the Bible when you’ve got all this?

Not a clue. They haven’t got a clue.

4 comments on “A Glimpse into the Heart of Godlessness

  1. I skipped paragraph three as you had already said as much about the movie as I needed to hear! You might try AmericanFamily Association if you want to hear about good movies. I learned a long time ago two things: I’m better off without T.V. and movies were never one of my ways of spening an evening-or any other part of the day. Of course, I began life without either. One can almost immediately size up a book and my library is full of them. Books have beenmy friends for 70 years. That’s approximatelyhow long I’ve been a Christian. Thanks for the warning.

    1. Well, Dorothy, I can’t help it–I do love a good movie. Even a not-that-awful movie will sometimes do. I grew up during the golden age of television, but we don’t have TV in our house anymore. As for books, there must be thousands of them crammed into this little apartment.

      I don’t really see why the “entertainment” we produce these days has to be evil: except that it’s produced by evil people for a Godless audience. It wasn’t always so. Anyhow, it’s part of my job to track the downward spiral of our culture, so I can’t very well ignore it.

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