How Badly Do We Need an Atheist TV Channel?

Yes, a new cable TV channel, this one to be called Atheist TV, has been created.

I was going go write about it today, but first consider these two items of cultural wreckage that came drifting by, this weekend.

The National Health service, in Britain–remember, two or three years ago, they announced they had no more money for pain medication? So, if you were having intense back pain, that the medication used to control, you’d better hope acupuncture, massage, or whiskey could cure it, because the National Health ain’t got no money for pain meds.

But they do have money to fund a sperm bank for… lesbians! Hooray! All sorts of costly, high-tech medical intervention just to purposely create a whole new generation of fatherless pseudofamilies. ( ) Some children are unlucky not to have fathers. These will be fatherless on purpose.

Meanwhile, in West Virginia, an alleged woman was photographed walking a naked man on a leash ( ). Actually, he wasn’t entirely naked. He was wearing one of those tight leather hoods favored by the S&M crowd, and he had–er, ahem, cough-cough–an “unidentified object” protruding from his you-know-what. The woman took offense because a passing motorist–they were “walking” alongside a major highway–called her a freak.

I can’t help asking: what could an atheist TV channel possibly do for us that isn’t already being done?

This, I guess, is what it looks like when God gives a civilization over to a reprobate mind.

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  1. Article-Atheist TV-“human” dog walker. Editing desk Change one word please. Change “reprobate” to “putrified” Dave.

    1. Hmm… I distinctly remember reporting on that a few years ago, to the effect that NICE had decided not to provide any more meds for acute back pain, and people were told to try acupuncture instead. I wonder if, in the intervening time, they changed that policy. Or was it for back pain only? I don’t know, I’ll have to look it up.
      All right, here it is, from 2011–

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