‘Until the Sun Burns Out…’

That is the boast of the founder of the new Atheist TV channel–ratings, schmatings, they’ll be on the air “until the sun burns out.” I guess a hundred years ago he could’ve been writing some of those “this-land-is-yours-for-as-long-as-the-grass-grows” treaties we kept making with the Indians.

The New York Times article will provide all the information you need on this subject ( http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/02/arts-television/atheist-tv-has-its-premiere-on-roku-and-online.html?ref=arts ).

Oh, well. At least atheist TV won’t be like atheist music, atheist art, and atheist-founded charitable institutions: that is, non-existent.

Are they not aware that our courts, our public schools and universities, and our media already function as if atheism were the official religion of the United States? We have been in bed with de facto atheism since the 1960s. And our culture looks it.

But let’s be fair. Blaming atheists for debauching America is like blaming the rash for the measles. It wasn’t this little band of motormouths who turned us into the kind of country that has “pride” parades and government by lawless villains.

Nope–we did that to ourselves, didn’t we? Going way back into our cultural history–but I don’t have space here to write a book about it.

I don’t care if they have their own TV channel. Not being a liberal/progressive/Stalinist, I don’t try to silence everyone whose opinions differ from my own.

To me it’s just one more drop of atheism into a whole ocean of atheist pop culture.

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  1. Perfect! Beautifully expressed truth about maturing atheism in the former States, United. The problem godly liberty-lovers have had ever since the beginning is we by our very nature allow ungodly thuggish controllers to dupe us into believing pragmatism solves everything; that everything is in a perpetual state of flux needing everyone to jump headlong into the mix of whatever is “new” and novel!

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