The Atheist Shopping Mall

While we’re all waiting for Atheist TV to hit the airwaves, please consider this.

Would you be upset if you walked into a shopping mall, and a security guard told you that you’re not allowed to buy anything or eat anything unless you pray first?

Well, of course that would never happen. But in a shopping mall in Dublin, Georgia, here’s something that did happen: members of the public were told–first by a security guard, then by the mall manager–that they were forbidden to pray while in the mall; nor could they bow their heads in a silent prayer of thanks before tucking into a meal at the mall’s food court ( ).

Naturally, once the wider public found out about this mall’s little “policy” forbidding any expression of religious belief, people got upset and the mall management began to backpedal–as Stalinists in America always do, when they get caught. They were only trying to stop people from “imposing their religion on others,” blah-blah.

The only people in America who actually succeed in imposing their religion on others are… atheists!

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

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