It’s Our 37th Anniversary Today

So yesterday, to celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary, Patty and I went down to the little Jersey shore town where we first met and had a seafood dinner from the Keyport Fishery. Today is the actual day of our anniversary, but I’m glad we took our little trip yesterday, because today my allergies are just killing me.

The Keyport Fishery hasn’t changed in 37 years. It’s still the best. Why is it so rare as to be almost unheard-of, to see something really good be purposely kept as it has always been? I think the owner must be the only true conservative in New Jersey.

I know, I’m ignoring a lot of important and horrible news stories to report a personal matter. The Muslims are killing Christians and our gay-worshiping national leaders don’t want to be bothered with it. So they’ll drop a couple of bombs and then forget about it. And here I am yapping about my marriage lasting 37 happy years so far.

God does not stop blessing us because our world is full of murderers and swine. He continues to bless the normal little things of human life–marriage, love, birth, laughter, prayer, and work and play. Food. Sleep. Cats and dogs.These are blessings which He makes available to all, and it’s not His fault if sinners can’t be content with them.


PS: That’s the best I can do today. I wonder if I’ll have to go back to bed.

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