It’s That Bad, But…

A friend asked yesterday, “Is our country really in the worst shape it’s ever been, or are we just getting old?”

Well, let’s see… We’ve got an alien in the White House, governing as if he were a king; lawmakers being law-breakers; illegal invaders pouring across our ruptured border, cheered on by the elected officials who are supposed to be protecting us; governments and corporations falling all over themselves to curry favor with organized sodomy; atheists held in high esteem. And our institutions all run backwards: schools that teach ignorance; news media that suppress, warp, or exaggerate the news; a court system that breeds disrespect for law; churches that pry people away from God.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

We only feel old because we remember better things.

We as a nation have crossed lines that won’t be easy to cross back. Once we start honoring fornication, idolatry, and covetousness as virtues, it may be too late to find our way back to sanity.

And the persons calling all these shots–the thieves, liars, charlatans, and tyrants who are running the show–walk and talk and do anything they please, confident that God is either powerless to stop them, or else never existed at all. They boast themselves against their Maker, who raised them up to chastise His people for their sins.

One thing I know for sure, from God’s word and from history.

God is patient with us. He respects our free will far more than any worldly power would respect it.

But God is sovereign over history, and there comes a point where He will intervene. If He didn’t, the human race would have exterminated itself long ago.

Every great power in this world, that corrupts itself to do evil, God sooner or later extinguishes. Sennacherib’s undefeated Assyrian armies that invaded Judah, God smote with plague, and cut off that empire at the height of its power and prosperity. The Third Reich, the Soviet Union, Napoleon, the Huns–you can name as many more as I can–all have been put down forever. It’s only man’s inborn sinfulness that keeps us so well supplied with tyranny and wickedness.

The earth is the Lord’s; and if He meant to surrender it to evildoers, He would have said so.

The evils of our own age will go into the pit with Sennacherib and all the others, and Christ shall reign in righteousness in every corner of the earth.

For the Lord has spoken it.

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  1. Amen! It is as you say. Psalm 2 tells us that at this very hour, He who sits in the Heavens is laughing at these puny worms on earth who imagine they can rebel against the Almighty and get away with it. He is now holding them in derision, getting ready to pour out His anger.

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