Not-so-Famous Last Words

Most of us will never get the chance to utter truly famous last words, on a par with “God Himself couldn’t sink this ship” (the Titanic) or “We’ve got ’em now, boys” (Custer to his troops at the Little Bighorn). For this we may give thanks.

Nevertheless, we’ve all said things that rank as not-so-famous last words. Here are a few I wish I’d never said.

*”Ah, c’mon–nobody could really be that stupid.” What a world of hurt this saying often introduces!

*”How bad can it be?” Have you ever said this about a movie, or a restaurant, and then found out, to your sorrow, just how bad it was capable of being?

*”What can it hurt?” Really, saying that is just asking for it.

*”Don’t bother to call the repairman, I’m sure I can fix it.”

*”They always set the freshness date several days ahead of when it actually goes bad.” Please don’t say that. Don’t even think it.

*”Look, it’s okay–the guy said we can show up whenever we want.”

*”I’ll show off how smart I am by voting for the third-party candidate.” I last said that in 1992. I promise never, ever to say it again.

Do you have any sayings you’d like to take back? Feel free to share!

PS: My wife would like to add this one, “You can’t miss it.”

13 comments on “Not-so-Famous Last Words

  1. “I trust Peter Jackson to do The Hobbit right.” — Me before the first Hobbit movie came out.
    I’ve also made the mistake of being pretty sure about something I read (usually directions) and then insisting on it, even when there’s doubt in the back of my mind. And of course, I’m almost always wrong.

  2. “Instruction book? Don’t need it, I can put his thing together in my sleep” BTW, expiration dates are required by the gov’t, so just regard them as “suggestions”. I found a box of mac & cheese that had slipped behind some cans. It had an exp date 12 years previous, the envelope with powdered cheese – the cheese had turned brown, obviously rancid. Cooked and ate it anyways. No biggie.

  3. “I’ll show you that the system works. I’ll file the complaint for you.” This just about put an end to one of my careers. 🙁

  4. “Trust me. I know what i’m doing” – oops.
    “Well, where did you put it last”?

    PS: This article was a lot of fun to read.

  5. “I ain’t never gonna buy another old car and fix it up, again.” But I never learn. A coup,e of years ago, I bought a sound, but aging sports car and my every spare dime has gone into it ever since.

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