The Cultural Wrecking Ball: Government

In an email today, the Louisiana Family Forum has alerted us to an ordinance introduced by the Baton Rouge Metro Council. This little piece of social engineering is supposed to unite “One Baton Rouge” under the banner of “fairness.”

That’s another one of those words that ought to set off your alarm bells when a politician uses it. Here’s how the LFF describes the proposed new law.

“A so-called ‘fairness’ ordinance was reintroduced to the Metro Council on July 23rd as a ‘slight modification’ to previous efforts cleverly titled ‘One Baton Rouge.'”

Yes, they’re going to make us all “one.” Or else.

“This ordinance, unlike its predecessor, boldly goes into every private civil conversation and contract. It is aimed at providing special protections for ‘sexual orientation’ (voluntary homosexual and bisexual contact) and ‘gender identity’ not based on biological gender at birth but ‘internal sense of gender.’ It should be more accurately called the Homosexual Affirmation Ordinance.”

How do these people ever get elected? Do they fool the voters into thinking they’re just public-spirited individuals who want to get into office so they can do wonderful things for their city, state, or country?

I find it impossible to believe that the citizens of Baton Rouge have been clamoring for more “rights” for homosexuals and hopelessly addled characters who think they belong to some sex other than the one for which their bodies are naturally equipped.

How do they mean to enforce this “fairness”? Are they going to confiscate people’s Bibles? Tell ministers and priests what they can say or can’t say from the pulpit? Set up “sensitivity training” courses for everyone who is a bit slow to celebrate the glories of sodomy?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I do not understand why local, state, and national governments throughout the Western world crusade for sodomy. They have gone all gaga for it, as if it were the very pinnacle of cultural evolution.

People, is this really, truly what you want?

For another angle on this story, see

Somehow calling sin virtue is supposed to give Baton Rouge a leg up in the global economy, blah-blah.

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10 comments on “The Cultural Wrecking Ball: Government

  1. It is certainly not what I want, and I will not have it. I can not change anyone else’s thinking; all I can do is pray that the Holy Spirit of the Living God, Elohim will beam His light of truth into their darkened souls before they are forever cast into outer darkness which is where they are headed.

    1. We have leaders who are leading us to Hell–and Canada and the UK are even worse off than we are. I can’t understand what motivates this. I really can’t.

  2. Well, all I can say is that we have an enemy, walking up and down in the earth, seeking whom he can devour, and he has legions who do his bidding. It is major brainwashing. Demon voices are indistinguishable by persons who are not renewed in spirit. They are easily deceived, and their thinking twisted any way the demons wish to turn them. This is why it is so important for those who are renewed to new life work diligently in prayer and witnessing whenever possible.

    1. I am acquainted with a prominent and successful lawyer who thinks Christianity is obsolete and wrong, is determined to protect his children from it, and proudly tells me how he brings the kiddies with him when he visits his wonderful “gay” friends for a barbecue.

      Witnessing to him is like telling jokes to a tree stump. He seems a nice, well-mannered, civil individual. And he is old enough that the anti-morality which he professes today did not exist when he was born. Nothing you can say to him will make the slightest impact.

  3. Very true, Lee. I know people just like him, and my heart grieves for them and for those they influence. Only the Holy Spirit can take the seeds that we plant and cause growth to result. To us, it seems hopeless, but with God all things are possible.

  4. For whatever the cause, “[going] into every private civil conversation and contract” is a lost cause. So, if I am standing in the most remote part of Baton Rouge in the middle of the night talking to a close friend and say something deemed “unfair” it is a crime according to this law? Such a thing is unenforceable no matter what the cause.

    In WW II Germany, where the government was about as harsh as can be imagined, people told jokes as a way of expressing their defiance of the government. Q: “Hitler, Goering and Himmler are in a plane that crashes; who is saved?” A: “Germany!” If one of the harshest regimes in history couldn’t control the speech of its citizens, how can Baton Rouge expect to control something as nebulous as their take on “fairness”.

  5. “Fairness” – what a scary word. Who decides? It seems since politics is the religion of the perverted they are the ones zealous to acquire positions of influence, while so many Christians whine and complain about how they don’t like what is happening to our culture. It has been said that culture is downstream from laws. Why aren’t more Christians in involved in making the laws we live by? Could it be their defeatist eschatology?

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