Harder to Believe in than Centaurs: ‘Dating Naked’

Yes, there is a new reality [sic] TV show called “Dating Naked,” and it really shows couples “dating” in the altogether ( http://www.vh1.com/shows/dating-naked ). Participants will be shipped off to a “primitive island resort, far from the masks of modern society…”  The tapes will be edited to block out certain details.

The purpose of shows like this is to allow the viewer to feel superior to the schlubs they watch humiliating themselves on television. People love to watch others making fools of themselves.

I dispute the charge that the purpose of “Dating Naked” is to provoke the viewer to lustful thoughts. It would be hard to imagine something less provocative. Maybe for these people, putting clothes back on would be a big turn-on. Maybe they do the whole thing backwards. Maybe they start with sex and finally finish up fully-clothed, introducing themselves.

Dating is one of those life experiences that makes you say, fervently, “Thank God I’m married!” I think I would almost rather go back to high school than go back to dating. It would be even worse if you had to do it naked at a “primitive island resort.” I don’t like that word, “primitive.” What does it mean? Lots of bugs everywhere? Lousy room service? Probably better not to know.

Can I please wake up now?

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  1. It is not you who needs to wake up; though, it is needed by a whole lot of other folks. In Scripture, nakedness and shame go together like butter and bread. 104 times, it is referred to, covering every conceivable situation, and 100% of the time it is linked to shame and humiliation; even in the events relating circumstances beyond the victim’s control. So, placing one’s self in such situation… well, we can come to our own conclusions about their common sense, self esteem and a number of other things; none good.

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