Atheists Get Their Way Again

Remember what I’ve told you:

Atheists always succeed in imposing their beliefs on everyone else in America.

As yet another example of this truth, we offer this example ( ) from Florida: atheists based in Wisconsin (!) go ballistic when a high school football player is injured and his teammates pray for him.

Yes, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is at it again.

What they really mean is to establish the supremacy of their own unnatural counter-religion of atheism and imbecility.

Yup–praying for an injured teenager is somehow against the First Amendment, according to these fascists. I’m sure that was exactly what they had in mind when they ratified the First Amendment.

To make doubly sure no prayers wind up being said, the Atheism Rules Foundation (see, I’m replacing the jive, double-talking name with a more honest one) threatened to sue all the Florida school districts that had local church pastors serving as volunteer chaplains to various high school football teams.

The Christian ministers are to be replaced, if replaced at all, with Dr. Phil wannabe “life coaches” ( ).

Gee, I thought the Eighth Amendment prohibited cruel and unusual punishments.

So here we are again, getting bullied by a handful of reprobates and their allies in the court system. Here we are again, the Great American Doormat.

Our country is not the better for anything ever done by atheists.

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  1. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is like the atheist version of the Westboro Baptist Church. Always protesting something to gain attention. The thing is the FFRF has no authority whatsoever, all they do is bully and intimidate. So why are people placating to their demands? So what if they sue, sue them right back.

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