How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

I suppose the answer to that question is, “Incredibly stupid.”

The keynote speaker at the UN’s 2014 Climate Summit, Sept. 23 (mark it on your calendar!) will be a 25-year-old “poetess” who has a master’s degree in Pacific Island Studies. Is that like Women’s Studies, Black Studies, Obese Chicano Hypochondriac Studies, etc.? Anyhow, she’s going to recite some of her Global Warming poetry at us ( ).

Is this how the Science gets settled? Is this how the debate gets closed? Is this why they never have to answer any questions?

So never mind the fact that we just had the most brutally cold winter most of us can remember, followed by the coolest summer on record since the 1880s. Never mind the fact that the Arctic ice-pack, in open defiance of Global Warming ideology, is twice as big as it was two years ago. Don’t look at those satellite photos! And just ignore that man behind the curtain.

Instead, be instructed by this 25-year-old poetess with her degree in Claptrap Studies.

Remember, if you agree to pay higher and higher taxes, and sign away your liberties forever, and allow them to micromanage every aspect of your lives, the world’s glorious leaders will fix it so there’s no more Climate Change! Yep–the mere creation of dozens of new multibillion-dollar government bureaucracies will put a stop to earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, and all that nasty stuff.

I mean, really–if you can’t trust John Kerry and Obama and the UN and the IMF, who can you trust?

And when all else fails, surely you can trust a poetess.

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