Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern

The other day, the jidrool in the White House said America is way better off since he took office–only the poor stupid people “don’t feel it” because, you see, wages and incomes haven’t gone up, but prices have.

Duh… let’s see. Your income stays the same, or even decreases, while your food and fuel and rent keep on going up and up and up–and you’re better off?

How big a nincompoop is this guy?

The point is: so, here we have this dangle, this stunata, coming up with public policy vis-a-vis the economy, and he knows absolutely not a bloody thing about it. The man has never worked at a job, let alone tried to start and operate a business. You would be better off having me come over to repair your computer, than to have this ignoramus tinkering with the national economy. And believe me, you do not want me tinkering with your computer.

But it’s not just President *Batteries Not Included. We have a whole political class that knows nothing but politics, and a whole Academia that knows nothing but the classroom. Because they’re rich, tenured, or both, they don’t have to experience the consequences of their ignorance; but we do. We do! What they don’t know about economics would fill an ocean basin.

Is there anybody else out there who thinks that government by the totally ignorant is not a good thing? I mean, really–what do you suppose would happen to a business created, owned, and operated by the likes of Barack Obama, John McCain, Sheila Jackson Lee, or some daft professor of Queer Studies at Dunderhead U.? How long do you think it would take them to lose their shirts?

And don’t forget–they want to run our health care, too.

3 comments on “Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern

  1. Great Scott! I know what you are saying, it dawned on me years ago, and it has gone into the tank at an ever increasing speed. We left the edge of the precipice and plummeted into the rocky canyon river and are now being beaten upon the boulders on a regular basis. When will we all drown and stop the suffering? SOON.

    1. Note that, in spite of the demonstrated imbecility of the state and its minions, the humanist crowd still promises–if only we give them the power and the money!–to do all the things that only God can do. Jesus Christ healed everyone who came to Him. Well, so will they! Christ fed the multitude, even though He had only a few loaves and fishes to start with. So will they! His Kingdom, when it is finally established on the earth, will make wars to cease. So will theirs! And so on down the line. Makes you sick to listen to it, eh?

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