It Won’t Work, But It’ll Make Us Feel Good

The one lifelong politician who never held a job in his life says the economy is in great shape and the people don’t appreciate it because they’re going broke.

Now we hear from another lifelong drone, the Democrat president who couldn’t keep his zipper shut, who sold pardons, and who is now America’s Revered Elder Statesman–we hear from him that, yeah, the economy is in terrible shape. But the good news, he says, is that the government can fix it easily.

Just increase the cost of labor!

Yup, the ex-prez sez, just jack up the minimum wage and everything’ll be hunky-dory.

Here in New Jersey, the pols are fixing to do just that, despite warnings that it will cripple the state’s restaurant industry ( ). That means that the people the pols say they want to help will actually get hurt, as their employers cut back on hours and lay off staff.

This is not working out well for us, people: being governed by persons who are ignorant of everything but the pursuit of power for its own sake. They’ve never done anything but politics–never worked, never started a business, never tried to keep a business going successfully. They have no idea how wealth is created.

Worse, they have no idea how poverty is created–even though they themselves do so much to create it.

At what point do you question the intentions of people who know their policies won’t work and will only do harm, and yet they keep on doing them?

One comment on “It Won’t Work, But It’ll Make Us Feel Good”

  1. Raise the minimum wage to $100 per hour. That way, just think of the boost-like a rocket ship-exploding.


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