So You Think the Fight is Over?

As of today we learn that the lesbian mayor of Houston has withdrawn her subpoenas of Houston pastors’ sermons, assorted writings and communications, and anything else resembling the exercise of free speech and religious liberty in opposition to her now-infamous “bathroom law” that allows mentally disturbed men who claim to be women to use women’s rest rooms.

Has she had a change of heart? I doubt it. But she did have a national uproar on her hands, plus pastors mailing her copies of their sermons, and people mailing her Bibles, from all over the country. She may be a villain, but she isn’t stupid. She realized that she had gone a step too far, too soon, and had to retreat.

For the time being.

America is not quite ready yet for “gays” to dictate what may or may not be preached from the pulpit in a church.

But if you think they’ve given up on it, you’re wrong.

Two contradictory moral codes may not reign supreme over one society. Either American Christianity must re-assert itself, awake, and reconquer lost ground; or else Gaydeology will conquer it and reign supreme. “Sexual liberation” will become America’s highest moral value, and faithfulness to the Word of God her most severely punished crime.

And if you think any of Organized Sodomy’s triumphal progress so far has been achieved without the fervent, unwavering support of the Democrat Party…

Please think again.

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  1. She bit off more than she could chew but yes, they are relentless and will never give up… and neither can we. The power of the State to coerce another is a contradiction to the government’s role to protect the smallest minority, the Individual.

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