How Libs Want You to Celebrate Halloween

When I was a kid, Halloween was fun. Now a lot of corrupt grownups have gotten involved in it, blood ‘n’ guts, the occult, Halloween displays that get mistaken for real mayhem, and real mayhem that gets mistaken for Halloween displays, etc. So the day has taken on a darker tone.

And now, to finish off whatever innocent enjoyment remains in Halloween, we have–ta-da-dah!–the University of Wisconsin’s helpful hints for trick-or-treaters and costume party-goers ( ).

You won’t believe this dreck. Let me give you a verbatim sample.

WEARING A FUNNY COSTUME? Ask yourself: Is the humor based on “making fun” of real people, real human traits or cultures? Though intended to be funny, the “Mental Patient” costume by Disguise was considered demeaning, dehumanizing, and humiliating to individuals struggling with a mental illness and their families… the costume reinforced stereotypes and fears about persons with mental illness.

Similar paragraphs get on your case for wearing a scary costume, a historical costume–forsooth! don’t even think about letting your kids be costumed as Native Americans!–or wearing “a ‘beautiful’ costume,” because the whole idea of “beauty” just isn’t fair, yatta-yatta.

Each of these begins with the admonition to “ask yourself”–and by the time you’re done asking yourself, Halloween is over and you missed it.

Here’s a helpful hint about understanding the behavior of liberals: their fun is to spoil somebody else’s fun. They really can’t be happy unless they’re making you feel miserable or guilty.

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