Fish or Cut Bait

In the immediate wake of America’s thunderous rejection of his policies and his party, and his whole rotten stinking program, President Barack Hussein Ebola has intimated that he’s gonna just go right ahead and declare “executive amnesty” for millions of illegal aliens all at once. Just as if he were king.

This, of course, is unprecedented. To impose a change of such magnitude on America, a constitutional amendment is in order–not a fiat from some community organizer in the White House.

But I’m almost glad he’s going to do this, because it will immediately show us whether the Republicans in Congress intend to do the job for which the voters gave them a clear mandate, or whether they’re going to just wussy out like a lot of girlie-men and spend the next two years fattening off us like parasites. Let’s face it, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are not the kind of leaders you write The Song of Roland about.

Nevertheless, the lawbreaker-in-chief is going to walk right up to them and slap their faces. His “executive amnesty” says, in no uncertain terms, “F___ you, America.” If Congress doesn’t cut him down to size now, it never will: and that will be all she wrote for our republic.

Two things brought out that vote last week: stop amnesty, and get rid of Obamacare. That’s what the people have demanded. That is what the governed have consented to.

So we might as well find out now: are the people still sovereign in America, or are we only waiting for the branding iron to be applied to our backsides?

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