From Too Disgusting to Quite Disgusting

I have a stern duty to report on the degradation of our culture; but there are times when I can’t quite figure out how to do it on what is supposed to be a Christian website.

There is some news which is just too disgusting for words: that is, I can’t find words to describe it without offending many of my readers and maybe abusing the trust placed in me.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided not to report on the new male sex toy that combines high technology with the most pathetic kind of moral imbecility.

So let me tell you about something that’s almost as disgusting, in its own way: public schools panhandling for whatever money is left in the taxpayer’s pocket after the school budget passes.

“Boxtops For Education” ( ) allows your local public school to collect box tops and labels, etc., and redeem them for 10 cents each, and use the money to buy “whatever they need.” (I hope this is not connected to the story I decided not to write about; but you never know what public school sex education programs are going to come up with next.)

In my home town, it now costs over $7 million a year for each of our four public schools–more money than is spent on our police, public works, sanitation, fire-fighting, maintenance, municipal administration, and all other public purposes put together. And yet they’re out there schnorring for dimes? How can public education possibly be short of money?

Uh, because the lion’s share of your school budget every year goes to salaries, pensions, and benefits and is not spent on educational programs or materials, that’s why. So teachers can retire at 55 (or even younger) with enough money to move out West and buy a horse farm, or live it up at Monte Carlo, whatever they please. And school administrators do even better.

So they’re scrounging box tops while they’re calling the cops because a kid’s playing hangman, making sure every school has a Gay-Straight Alliance, hiring “gender coaches” to teach the tots in kindergarten that “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel,” and doing all the other things they do to make America’s public education both a scandal and a laughing-stock throughout the world.

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