President Ahab

Here’s my prediction.

In spite of the unprecedented, blatantly unconstitutional action last night by the “president,” and in spite of a huge mandate given to them in this year’s national elections to stop this president, the Republicans will chicken out. They will take no meaningful action. All the “president” has to do is threaten to shut down the government, and the Republicans surrender: they know the nooze media will see to it that they are blamed for the shutdown. And beyond that, Republicans are terrified of being called racists.

This is why Barack Hussein Ebola smirks at them and says, “Just try and stop me!”

The Republicans’ cowardice will encourage Ebola to go farther down the path of lawlessness and caesarism.

Indeed, he is already a man who is chasing his own destruction. This afternoon would be a good time for him to catch up to it.

Remember Captain Ahab, the doomed protagonist of Moby Dick? What–you never heard that story? No, it wasn’t about any of the Kardashians. It was about the fanatical captain of a whaling vessel in the early 19th century, whose only purpose in life was to catch up to the White Whale–the whale that once bit off his leg–and kill it. He swore a terrible oath to do so, and made his whole crew join him in it. He sought all over the world for this whale.

And guess what happened when he finally found it.

This is Obama: President Ahab. He will seek his own ruin until at last he finds it.

It’s only now a matter of how many Americans he will drag down with him.

P.S. Just out of curiosity, a few minutes ago I typed in a search for “Obama as Ahab,” to see if anybody else had come to the same conclusion I have. Behold! It’s all over the Internet. It seems a lot of commentators have seen this parallel, going all the way back to 2011.

I didn’t “steal” the idea. It’s something that’s so glaringly obvious, it has occurred to many people over several years.

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