America’s Night of Shame

Yes, tonight is Amnesty Nite–the night our “president” voids the nation’s laws, which he has sworn an oath to faithfully execute, and imposes his own law on a country of 300 million people.

From 1776 to 1783, we shed our blood to throw off the shackles of monarchy. What King George III could not do, though he possessed and used against us the world’s most powerful military machine, has been done to us now by a community-organizing pipsqueak and his playmates in the nooze media, and his partners in crime in the Senate who have made him impeachment-proof.

He laughs in our faces as he does it. “Try and stop me!” He has promised to go on to impose his own vision of “Climate Change action” via still more executive orders. As if he were a king. As if he were a czar of czars.

But I take comfort in remembering that I have seen this pattern of behavior many times before. The Bible is full of examples–Goliath, Belshazzar, Sennacherib, Herod Agrippa, Abimelech the son of Gideon–of great men, men much greater than this pipsqueak of a “president,” pursuing their own destruction and soon finding it. The Greeks called it hubris, and made it the basis of their tragedies. But it is God who sets up great men as a rod with which to chastise His people, and God who breaks those men when the rod boasts itself against the hand that wields it.

If the Republicans whom we have elected to do this very thing cannot find the nerve to restrain this evil pipsqueak of a president, rest assured that God will find some other means to do it.


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