Wooden Heads and Iron Butts

Yesterday we drove a long way down the Garden State Parkway to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and brother. The destination was fine, but the journey was pure horror.

Although its purpose is anything but obvious, there is perpetual construction on the Parkway, making for miles and miles of extra-narrow lanes. Along these stretches the posted speed limit is 45 mph, which means most people go 65 mph and not a few tear along at 80. This is extremely dangerous. At those speeds, with no room to maneuver, the slightest little error could kill you and a lot of other people in a minute. Good Lord! If anybody ever had to hit the brakes for any reason, it’d be another death-fest for the 6:00 news.

But these immortals are not content with speeding. The higher the speed, the more they want to tailgate. And nothing beats weaving in and out of traffic on these constricted lanes squeezed in between temporary cement dividers.

The construction will never be finished. It’s been going on for years, with no effect but to erase landmarks and make you wonder where the  blazes you are. But nothing seems to bother the kamikaze pilots of the Parkway. You should see it when it snows–cars scattered all over the place like tinker toys.

My hands are still shaking.

3 comments on “Wooden Heads and Iron Butts

  1. What a shame. One in a long line of disgraceful actions. In my area; a couple of small towns joined together, road, sewer and utility ditches have been undergoing construction for many months. There are theories afloat that the gov. is preparing this area for concentration camp installation. One of the towns has been almost cleared of businesses, all having moved to the other one, but with the construction of the streets, eliminating parking or access to the businesses, both towns will soon be ruined. Endless changes in sidewalk access has not been improvement; just change. Frustration maximized.

    1. Around here we have all this building going on all the time, and yet nothing ever seems to get built. They pave over a lot of nice places, though.

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