Thanksgiving With Godzilla

I don’t know what you’re doing today, but while our turkey is cooking (we always have ours the day after Thanksgiving), we’re watching Godzilla vs. Megalon.

Yes, this immortal film classic is an annual tradition here. Even if somebody I talked to asked “Is that basketball or football?”

You gotta hand it to the Toho Film Company–they make great miniatures. It must be tremendous fun to work on one of these movies, painstakingly crafting a truck or a dam or a power plant: creations whose fate is only to be destroyed by monsters. The scene wherein an earthquake sucks a lake dry is particularly effective.

Well, back to viewing pleasure. They’ve just explained that the bad guys who tried to steal the robot seem to have come from Easter Island: but we know they’re from the unknown, underwater continent of Seatopia, where ladies dance around in plastic bags on their heads, looking like some kind of weird Lutheran church service.

Ai-oh! Here comes Megalon! That damn monster! Eeyaaah–

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