Proud of Things We Ought to be Ashamed of

The ancient Roman censor, Cato the Elder, was once asked why there was no statue of him in the Forum. He replied that he would rather people asked why there was no statue of Cato than why there was one.

No such modesty from former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, now a revered “educator” and mentor to President *Batteries Not Included.

The Michigan Historical Society has approved the erection of a monument to Ayers and the old communist cabal, Students for a Democratic Society ( ).

Here we are again, taking pride in things we ought to be ashamed of. Maybe Boston could put up a marker, “Here is where the Boston Strangler nailed his first victim.” Or we might have a little gold plate on the floor of the Oval Office, marking the spot where Monica Lewinsky *ahem* Bill Clinton.

I spent a year in Michigan and got to know some of these SDS whiffleballs. Most of them were just middle-class twits playing at being dangerous revolutionaries. But there were a few hard-core Stalinist wannabes who used to get off on dreams of herding their fellow Americans into concentration camps and shooting them. According to the FBI, the celebrated Mr. Ayers was one of the latter.

Does the state of Michigan provide any oversight at all as to how the Historical Commission spends public money?

If there ever was a civilization that tried its damnedest to destroy itself, we’re living in it.

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  1. Unfortunately, I have seen this trend of thought growing exponentially for a while now. As Scripture says, “…they call evil good and good evil”.
    Sure enough, it is happening. Not a thing to be proud of for sure.

  2. The SDS manifesto’s goals look to have been achieved. Control of education, labor unions, etc… It is comical that one of,the goals was to take control of city governments and “fix” things. They took and continue to maintain control in most NE cities,,and I suppose the fix is in as well. Perhaps it’s just republicans recognizing the success of these commits who would rather tear down this country that just head out to another country that is already communist. Of course, they’d just be commoners under another country. The attraction of making the USA communist is that these clowns think they’ll be in charge, instead of just the useful idiots that they are.

  3. People seem to have forgotten, or perhaps have never known, just how crazy the late sixties and the seventies were. Disruptions, bomb threats, violent protests, etc. were all quite common there for a while and it had a negative impact.

    For example, in March of 1977, a bomb went off at Grand Canary airport and traffic was diverted to Tenerife airport. Eventually two of the 747s in Tenerife collided, killing 583 innocent people. None of this would have happened had criminals not bombed the airport at Gran Canaria.

    Remember Patty Hearst and the SLA? Another example of the criminality prevalent in that era. The list goes on and on, but my point is that there were a lot of crimes taking place in the name of various causes. A lot of lives were lost.

    In the eighties, there seemed to be a newfound willingness to stand up to such behavior, and at last in the US we had much less of a problem. Now they want to build statues honoring these guys?!?!?!?!

    1. I saw that reported elsewhere.

      In the final analysis, we will all reveal our core devotions sooner or later. If anyone, including the collective leaders of a religion, accept philosophies of men over God’s word, well, they are proving the true source of their devotion. Churches are liberalizing all over the place and, in many cases, seeing a huge drop off in membership. Hopefully the members of these churches will see that their leaders have chosen a direction which is not scriptural and make a hasty exit from these religious bodies.

    2. This is the punchline of the whole satanic joke. In reality, there’s no such thing as a “transgendered person.” Every chromosome in the human body remains immoveably male or female, no matter what is done to the outside of the body. So what these people, these alleged Christians, are doing is to elevate a pure delusion to the status of a truth–which means, as far as they’re concerned, that there is no such thing as truth: there is only what they **say** is “true.”

      Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

    3. They don’t seem to care that it’s impossible or not, as long as they can continue believing the lie that Satan perpetrated from the beginning.

    4. People love to believe lies which are crafted to appeal to their sense of well-being.

      A few years ago, I read about a fellow that worked to debunk a popular marketing plan which promised to make people rich, if only you stuck to their program. He asked one simple question and never got a straight reply. His question was simply, how much money had they made from this endeavor. His replies were profane, called him mean and hateful, etc. but they never once would admit how much they had made. This leads me to conclude that most of them had made paltry little, if anything, for their investment. But that wasn’t the point.

      The point was, that this marketing plan dealt not in profits, but in hope and it was painful to admit that the hope had not panned out.

      IMO, there are many people today in the same situation. They have hope, whether it be in some political figure, some ideology or what have you. If the hope doesn’t pan out, admitting that can be quite painful and many people will not face such pain. The alternative course is to double down on the original hope and at that point, shrill speech, accusation and name-calling seem to appear rather quickly.

      I have hope in the Creator, because I can see what He has made.

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