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I was going to write about certain abnormal sex acts recently performed–or rather, convincingly simulated–on television, but I can’t. I don’t want to mention the names of the perpetrators. I don’t want to mention the network, for fear of inspiring someone to tune it in who might otherwise have left it alone.

I have a duty, to my God, to chart the decay of our culture and to plead with the people to pull back from the abyss, to turn around and go the other way. I don’t imagine Lot ever saw anything in Sodom that we haven’t seen today, if only on our TV or computer screens. This behavior is wrong, it is offensive to God, and it is dangerous. Even if you don’t participate, loading up your skull with pornography can’t do you any good.

Problem is, there are some things, some current cultural events, that are just too degrading to write about. What they do with the body also pollutes the spirit. The ancients, even the pagans, understood the danger of a spiritual pollution. We don’t; we’re too ignorant.

So just imagine my relief when I learned that, now, all you have to do to register a stiff protest against this or that abuse, and get it stopped, is to throw up what they call a hashtag. I only recently found out this means the “pound” sign. I think all I have to do is… this:


Gee, I never though it’d ever be so easy to fulfill my function. Betcha those filthy TV shows are canceled, double-quick. Why, it’s just like magic! I’m a fantasy writer–why didn’t I think of this?

If only Lot had known how to use hashtags, he could’ve saved Sodom and Gomorrah.

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  1. Good satire, as usual. It may not be that easy to believe it but God has allowed the Internet to be invented to spread the Gospel (isn’t that what we are doing on this blog?). It doesn’t matter that 40% of Net surfing currently is on porno sites because the Kingdom of God grows gradually and supernaturally: First the blade, then the ear, then the corn in the ear. Let’s not be myopic. I sure wish the end of the age is at hand folks would revisit Jesus’ parables (the only way he communicated in public settings) of the kingdom of God. They all reveal a steady growth until the end of the age when the angels come to separate the tares from the wheat. If there was a rapture, or the devil wins until Jesus returns, wouldn’t Jesus has told different kinds of parables?

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