Fire Chief Fired for Having Christian Views on Marriage

The mayor of Atlanta recently fired the city’s fire chief for co-authoring a book in which he expressed the shocking, unlawful opinion that marriage, as defined in the Bible, consists of a man and a woman ( ).

Oops! Did I say “unlawful opinion”? But this is America (heh-heh)! It’s not against the law to have any opinion.

But this is also lawless America, where you don’t have to break any law for the rulers to punish you. There’s no law that says you have to be in favor of the sodomite parody of marriage, if you want to hold a position in the civil government. There’s no law that says being against homosexual “marriage” disqualifies you for any public post.

But this is lawless America, and you really never know what they’re going to punish you for on any given day, because they make it up as they go along.

Now, presumably this man got to be fire chief of Atlanta because he was good at putting out fires, or getting them put out by efficient, well-organized teams of fire-fighters.

But that’s not good enough anymore.

So maybe they’ll wind up with a new fire chief who couldn’t blow out a candle on a birthday cake, but is so gung-ho for “gay marriage,” he’s already been in three of them himself. Won’t that be a great comfort to people, as they’re being burned alive? “He may not be able to put out the fire, but he’s solid for gay rights!”

You know, this could start a trend. Do you really want somebody performing abdominal surgery on you, if his mind is not right about “gay marriage”? Should someone be in the control tower at a major airport, if he is insufficiently committed to “marriage equality”?

Land of the free. Home of the brave. Hot dog.

2 comments on “Fire Chief Fired for Having Christian Views on Marriage

  1. Yeah, it is kind of silly that a fire chief got fired for not being for gay marriage. I have no issue with it and think that people should be allowed to do so if they please. But someone losing their job for just thinking one or another is ridiculous. The dude isn’t Hitler.

    1. It’s become a thing for the “human rights” crowd to equate opposition to same-sex pseudomarriage to the Holocaust. But then these people are all crazy. I once interviewed an official with Canada’s federal Human Rights Commission, who said they were going to “outlaw hate.” He expressed the hope that someday the HRC would have the power to force people “to be more diverse in their social and personal relationships.” I am sure he would agree that, if your mind is not right on gay “marriage,” you shouldn’t be allowed to earn a living.

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