Is Europe’s Soul Dead?

We watched a show yesterday that distressed us, an episode of Wallander, a BBC series about a Swedish detective played by Kevin Branagh. We’d seen two episodes and delighted in the exquisite photography and the superb acting. Then we watched a third episode, Before the Frost.

Bearing in mind that this is a story set in Sweden, taken from a novel written by a Swede,  acted and screenwritten by Brits, this struck both Patty and me as the most over-the-top, bitter, hate-filled, ignorant piece of anti-Christian bigotry we’ve ever seen on TV. Then again, maybe they’re just trying to depict how things are in Western Europe. I’ve had some time to think it over (and to cool off), and now I incline to the view that the writers weren’t necessarily bigots but were trying to depict the culture realistically.

God help us.

Wallander didn’t know Revelation was in the back of the Bible; and when a “Christian” whom he was questioning turned around and asked, “Well, what do you believe in?”, the detective could not answer. But we gather from the bulk of the dialogue that the peoples of Western Europe, which once was known as Christendom, are now committed to building a civilization founded on sodomy, abortion, atheism, and appeasement of Islam.

With one notable exception, all the “Christians” in the story were portrayed as cruel and dangerous lunatics. The exception is an evangelical pastor who was once imprisoned for giving a sermon against homosexuality. This character is not a nut, and what he has to say is important. None of the others, though, seem to be listening.

All the other “Christians” in the story have a warped theology that wouldn’t survive two minutes’ examination by anyone who has actually read the New Testament. But for the inclusion of the pastor character, this would have convinced me that the purpose of the show was to convince people to hate Christians.

How has Europe come to this? If you really can’t answer the question, “What do you believe in?”, how will you stand up to Muslim immigrants who have openly vowed to destroy your infidel culture? With ISIS currently pitching gay men off the roofs of tall buildings, how are you going to keep Muslims from doing stuff like that in Europe? How can you even begin to restore order, when your ideology is that all systems of belief–except for Christianity!–are equal, and it would be unjust to demand that the Muslims behave themselves?

Halfway through the show, I asked aloud, “Isn’t anybody in this flaming country happy?” Man, if Sweden is anything like this, you can keep it!

The way some of the characters’ eyes popped, when they recalled that So-and-So was pro-life… as if So-and-So were an advocate of cannibalism… But then modern Europeans might well have more respect and sympathy for a cannibal than for anyone who couldn’t appreciate the wonderfulness of abortion.

That it should have come to this…

I’m still shaking my head.

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  1. And, just a tiny thought germinating. Is also this why we are being taught to believe that Russia and Putin are evils incarnate?—– Orig Message —– From: Lee Duigon To: Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2015 9:26 AM Subject: [New post] Is Europe’s Soul Dead?

    leeduigon posted: “We watched a show yesterday that distressed us, an episode of Wallander, a BBC series about a Swedish detective played by Kevin Branagh. We’d seen two episodes and delighted in the exquisite photography and the superb acting. Then we watched a third episo”

  2. Christianity was one of the unifying forces that helped keep Islam out of Europe a millennia ago. With Christendom losing it’s influence, Muslims are quickly moving in to fill the void. I fear we are not far behind them in that regard.

    As for TV shows it’s always interesting to see how non-believers attempt to portray believers. Usually their depictions are way off base from reality. It’s like they never spent any time around real Christians in their life.

    1. Either that, or they’ve got an agenda to vilify Christians.
      These, countries, including ours, were all once Christian countries. I remember it well: I was born and raised in a Christian America.
      What’s happened to us?

  3. We have become Laodicean. The church in American has become exactly like the description in Revelation, and are blind to the state that exists, which is: wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. They have left their first love, become bored and are running after some new thrill instead of studying diligently in the Scriptures, and the lamps have gone out as did those of the five foolish virgins. Unless there is large scale repentance, much of the church both in Europe and America is in for a very rude awakening. It seems to take massive persecution of believers before they will wake up and get serious. Those believers in China are serious about their faith, and they are constantly on the look-out for their persecutors, but determined to remain faithful. Perhaps this is what it will take to get the attention of the pitiful Laodiceans. Sad.

  4. hmmm, I was surprised to see a post of mine from 2015, but the answer I see today has not changed one iota from back then. Too many people who do attend church these days only do so for the social interaction, but seldom to really learn the Word and forget time spent in prayer and repentance. So sad, and scary.

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