Volume 7: The Glass Bridge NOW AVAILABLE!

glassbridgeNow available!

The Glass Bridge (Bell Mountain Vol. 7)

In the seventh installment of the Bell Mountain Series, can faith do what pride and power can’t? In obedience to God, the boy king, Ryons, with only half his tiny army, crosses the mountains to invade the Thunder King’s domains.

The new First Prester, Lord Orth, a man of peace, is called to lead a savage nation in a war for freedom and survival—and to deliver God’s word to Heathen peoples who have never known it.

At the top of Golden Pass, wealth beyond calculation lies waiting for whoever can take it.

Will it be the king’s man, Baron Roshay Bault, or an unscrupulous lord with a renegade army behind him?

Confronted by perils they can barely understand, with no safe choices set before them, the heroes of Obann must risk their lives on the glass bridge that can only be crossed by faith.
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