Ma, Auntie, Grandma Subject Little Boy to Fake Kidnapping

From our People Today Are Smarter Than Ever Dept.:

A tribe of idiots in Missouri are in big trouble for arranging for a 6-year-old boy to be kidnapped and threatened with death “to teach him a lesson” about talking to strangers ( ).

The child’s mother, aunt, and grandmother were behind the bizarre scheme, with the kidnapping actually carried out by one of the aunt’s co-workers. After tying up the boy and threatening to kill him, the man locked up the child in his basement for several hours. According to police, the man was in cell phone contact with the child’s family the whole time.

It was just to teach the lad a lesson, insisted the idiots, who also insisted they’d done nothing wrong. Maybe it taught him not to talk to family members.

No mention of a father being in the picture. But now that we’re smarter than ever, we’ve made fatherless families all the rage.

You can bet your bottom dollar that every one of these apes was educated in public school and trained by our popular culture.

Imagine that poor little boy all alone in that nest of harpies.

5 comments on “Ma, Auntie, Grandma Subject Little Boy to Fake Kidnapping

  1. That poor boy will be scared for life. What idiots(thinking worse than that) his family and that guy are.

    1. It’s hard to imagine normal people doing a thing like that. Then again, normal people are getting to be in short supply around here.

  2. “Normal” has been totally re-defined these days. First of all, nobody seems to know what normal looks like because of the constant brainwashing. I see lots of people in public with completely out of control children, and they seem to have no problem with letting the kids run amok, but then we have people on the opposite end of the spectrum like these whatever they are.

    1. Lemme outta here! The world we grew up in wasn’t perfect, but it was a far sight better than the mess which my generation as made of it.

  3. You are so right, and I pray my home coming will be soon, but I hate the mess left for my sons and grandchildren. The 45 to 60 year age group
    are in worse health and condition than my generation. Pathetic.

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