Progressives and ‘Progress’

“Progressives” (they don’t like us to call them “liberals” anymore) like to say their very name denotes forward movement: progress. Yes, put them in power, and you get progress.

My home town has been governed by progs since Watergate, and our “progress” consists of losing resources that it would have been good for us to keep. Here is a short list of what my town has lost, under Democrat management.

2 supermarkets

2 hardware stores

1 rather large school, our middle school, which had just been expanded, which expansion was still being paid for when they shut it down

3 grocery stores

1 butcher shop

1 shoemaker

1 pet shop

2 variety/dollar stores

2 stationery stores

1 gift shop

1 pharmacy

1 clothing store

1 shoe store

These have been replaced by condos, bank branch offices, trendy restaurants that stay in business for a year or so and then go belly-up, nail salons, boarded-up storefronts, new office buildings with no tenants after a whole year or two of being made available, and big projects that never get as far as groundbreaking.

You know something? Everybody needs a hardware store from time to time, but nobody ever needs a trendy restaurant.

If this is your idea of progress, you gotta be a happy camper.

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  1. Your poor town sounds a lot like mine here in Washington State. It is a very sad thing to see. There was a big government funded street, sewer
    line, communications installation that took most of last year, which we didn’t need, and the streets, after the finish, are different in some small ways,
    but definitely not better at all. Such useless spending.

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