Can We Sink Any Lower Than This?

How about a “children’s book” celebrating abortion? ( ) Yes, I think that’s something young children need to hear–if only to convince them their birth was a narrower escape than they may have thought.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil… Isaiah 5:20

Academics can no longer distinguish between good and evil: because in their world, bad ideas have no consequences. And so a character like Mary Walling Blackburn, professor of art at Southern Methodist University, has written a little number called Sister Apple, Sister Pig. It’s a jaunty little e-book about a little kid who knows his mother and father decided to kill–er, abort–terminate?–what sounds nice, here?–their first child, who would have been his sister. He’s all happy now because his sister is “a happy ghost” (I wonder how many “happy ghosts” Mao and Hitler made) and is not around to inconvenience the parents and make them “tired, and sad, and mad!”

Don’t forget, our “president” once called abortion the means by which “girls fulfill their dreams.”

Why are these people so completely comfortable with murdering their young?

Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves. Isaiah 28:15

It’s bad enough that we have people like this living among us. But we also have them governing us, educating our children, running our courts, “entertaining” us, misreporting our news, and so on. Even an ostensibly Methodist university is not ashamed to employ a person who invents truly creepy apologies for abortion.

This is the sacrament of humanism. This is our human sacrifice to a false god.

I think our country’s in a lot of trouble.

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  1. The reign of terror by the evil one is especially aimed at young children and youth. Every man does that which is RIGHT in his own eyes; they really do think it is right to kill a baby in the womb if you do not feel inclined to provide for or raise it. God please forgive us and help us to stand up for our kids and for You.

  2. I know someone whose mother (divorced) told her, when she was a little girl, that she (the mother) had wanted a girl so much that if she’d had a boy instead, she would have given him away to her own mother. But she’d gotten just what she wanted: a girl! Hooray! At first the girl was proud and happy that she’d been just what her mother wanted … but as she grew older, she became uneasy about it. Would her mother have thrown her away if she hadn’t matched up to her mother’s expectations in some other way Was her mother’s love so conditional?….

    So these children’s books and all the other propaganda may backfire on the propagandists. Imagine children being told that they were lucky not to have been killed, and they’d better not make their parents “tired and sad and mad,” or they could still be discarded. Not good. Not good at all. For the children OR the parents.

    1. Behind the seeming mindlessness of liberalism lurks genuine evil and pure confusion. Liberalism is Hell’s welcome mat.

  3. “I think our country’s in a lot of trouble.”

    More than ever, I’m afraid.

    I once met a woman who was the daughter of a sexual libertine mother. At some point, she learned that her mother had an abortion perhaps a year or two after she was born. She mourned her lost sibling and hoped to see her in the Restitution. All of this happened long ago and would seem easy to forget, but such is not the case.

    It is interesting that many of the most outspoken opposers of abortion are people that had been involved in making it legal, or had profited from the abortion industry. Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of the Roe vs Wade case, died recently, but she had become a fighter against abortion starting in the mid nineties after seeing a fetal development poster.

    I remember reading the account of a doctor that had performed tens of thousands of abortions. He and his wife were unable to conceive of their own, but adopted a daughter. The adopted child died and the doctor was no longer able to remain an abortionist. He had realized the value of every single life and could no longer be a part of the abortion industry. Thereafter, he became an outspoken critic of legalized abortion.

    It is important to point out that the U.S. is far from alone, with regard to abortion. It is a common practice in many places. However, at one time this was a predominantly Christian nation and, as a people, we have strayed far from the principles which made us the greatest nation on earth.It has not escaped my attention that the prosperity of America began to decline at about the same time as abortion was made legal.

    Indeed, I think our country is in a lot of trouble.

  4. This is not a book that has been mass published by a legitimate publishing house, or even self published electronically. It is not for sale on either Amazon or B&N even in electronic form. It is a cockeyed academic art piece, published on a site full of other academic art pieces, most of which would be of interest only to other academic artists. It seems intended as nothing more than literary performance art.

    If you read the author’s artistic justification of Sister Apple, Sister Pig on the web page “Sister Apple, Sister Pig: Speculative Annotations” at , you’ll come across turgid art theoretical prose such as: “Cast out of the limpid topic, reject what you know, select the subject unreasonable. A confused children’s book is a mighty children’s book. A self-righteous book is a boring book. Do not please the schools. Do not please the mothers and fathers. Do not please the spiritual nut jobs. Amuse, confuse, rile the children, and you will be exalted by the most infantile. Is that a bad thing?”

    In other words, this book, which was probably read only by the author’s thesis advisor, is nothing more than deliberate provocation written by somebody who didn’t believe a word of it herself, and expected no one else to take it seriously either.

    How the reviewer at came across Sister Apple, Sister Pig is a complete bafflement to me, and it’s even more baffling that he or she was incapable of understanding the nature of this book, that it’s a parody intended to annoy the reader. The reviewer must have deliberately been searching for something to be outraged about and hold up as more “proof” of the evil of those who disagree with the Christian position on abortion, and decided to treat Sister Apple, Sister Pig as if it were a legitimately published mass-market book setting forth a serious viewpoint.

    In other words, the original story is a perfect example of fake news, and Lee, you do your readers no favors by disseminating it further.

    1. As another liberal once said of a book that I had on the table in front of me, “There’s no such book as that. It doesn’t exist.”

    2. I didn’t claim that Sister Apple, Sister Pig “doesn’t exist.” I stated that it’s not the widely circulated mass market children’s book that the story makes it out to be, and is clearly not representative of anything other than the attempt of one college student to deliberately provoke conservatives and Christians. It seems to have worked.

    3. If that’s so–which I’m not prepared to grant–it was a remarkably idle and sophomoric prank. Which points more to a liberal professor than to any student.

    4. Even if this particular book hasn’t been mass-marketed, there have been others (as well as TV movies) that have peddled the same message. In fact, it’s implicit in Planned Parenthood’s famous — or infamous — motto, “Every child a wanted child.” The unwanted child is to be killed.

      Eventually the wanted child who was allowed to survive will get the message, not just that he or she was “wanted,” but that he or she was lucky to escape being unwanted, i.e., killed. Again, not good. Not good.

      And this book, “prank” or not, along with other books that weren’t “pranks,” just amplify the PP message, a “prank” that has resulted in the death of millions and the descent of a once-Christian civilization into barbarism.

    5. You’ve nailed it, Phoebe. That book, mass marketed or not, was only one of many equally grotesque examples of sheer moral imbecility surrounding abortion.

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