I’ve Begun My Next Book: ‘The Throne’

Yesterday I began writing the ninth book of my Bell Mountain series, tentatively titled The Throne.

I must confess to a little stage fright. I do know how the story starts; but where it’ll take me from there, only God knows. And having just finished reading No. 7, The Glass Bridge, and proof-reading No. 8, The Temple, I found myself wondering, “Can I do this again? Really? Is there more of this magic in me?” Only it’s not magic. It’s the gift of God. I’m not smart enough to create this stuff without Him.

I’d tell you what the book’s about, except I don’t know but the very first part of the story yet, and I wouldn’t want to throw out spoilers, and if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series, what sense would it make to you?

Meanwhile, the weather’s right, the birds are busy, the bees have arrived, and I just couldn’t stay away from the work any longer.

Tally-ho and away we go!

P.S.–Ignore the sign. I don’t write myself into the story, and I have no plans to write any of you in, either.


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