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New Critters in Obann

I’ve always been intrigued by this prehistoric animal from South America, Macrauchenia. In addition to having a sort of elephant’s trunk, it got around not on hooves, but on these odd, stubby little toes. Scientists have been trying to classify this animal ever since it was first discovered in the 19th century. They still can’t do it.

Herds of these have begun to move up through the plains of South Obann, followed by savage tribes and even more savage predators. This is one of those things that used to overthrow civilizations: a barbarian invasion, a whole nation on the move.

Gee, now why does that sound so familiar?

Where will the horde stop–if it stops at all? Suddenly it seems like a really good idea to hole up in Lintum Forest.

The tale will be told (I hope) in His Mercy Endureth Forever. Meanwhile I get to hang around with Macrauchenia. Think of them as funny-looking llamas who don’t spit at you.

‘The Temptation’ Marches On

Image result for images of lone warrior on horseback

I’ve typed up another 3,000+ words of The Temptation (Book No. 11 in my Bell Mountain series), and I am too pooped to pop. But I have to present these books in sets of four or five chapters at a time so that Susan can edit them. Just in case I take a wrong turn somewhere, I don’t want to have to find out after I’ve written the whole thing.

Boss Redegger the crime baron has returned, Lord Orth has to choose which way to go when both ways seem right, and there’s a lot going on in Old Obann (not a nice place). And Wytt has his hands full, trying to protect stupid humans…

I love doing this, and to God be the glory. He gives me these stories; I just do my best to write them down.

The Death Dog from ‘The Thunder King’

This is the monster Ryons and Cavall encountered on their way to Obann, as told in The Thunder King, Book 3 of my Bell Mountain series. (No, it is not about Labor & Industrial Relations: that is an amazon.com error that has cost me sales!) You might want to turn down the stupid music, which adds nothing to the presentation.

I wanted to give you a video of the “knuckle-bears” seen by Jack and Ellayne at the edge of Lintum Forest, in Bell Mountain, but the only one they had on youtube was literally two seconds long.

What? You haven’t read any of these books? (He shakes his head in painted disbelief.) Well, click “Books” at the top of the page and see what you think.

My Baby is About to Leave the Nest

Fall is here, all right. Summer quits the stage, in obedience to the Director.

And I am almost done writing “The Throne,” the ninth book of my Bell Mountain series. Just applying the finishing touches.

I don’t know about other writers, but when I finish writing a book, I have a sense of loss–like, now what do I do? I’ve been at this since the start of spring, and now it’s fall and it’s over. It’s like raising a child to the point where he grows up and leaves home to make his own way in the world. Only of course your book never winds up moving back in because he’s made a mess of things. Your book never goes to collidge and winds up being a chowderhead.

I can’t just whip right into another book, and I don’t understand writers who say they can. It takes me months and months to come up with ideas for the next story in the series.

How many will I wind up writing? As many as the Lord lets me. The story of Obann is a kind of history, and history doesn’t stop. I will continue for as long as I can.

I’ve Begun My Next Book: ‘The Throne’

Yesterday I began writing the ninth book of my Bell Mountain series, tentatively titled The Throne.

I must confess to a little stage fright. I do know how the story starts; but where it’ll take me from there, only God knows. And having just finished reading No. 7, The Glass Bridge, and proof-reading No. 8, The Temple, I found myself wondering, “Can I do this again? Really? Is there more of this magic in me?” Only it’s not magic. It’s the gift of God. I’m not smart enough to create this stuff without Him.

I’d tell you what the book’s about, except I don’t know but the very first part of the story yet, and I wouldn’t want to throw out spoilers, and if you haven’t read any of the other books in the series, what sense would it make to you?

Meanwhile, the weather’s right, the birds are busy, the bees have arrived, and I just couldn’t stay away from the work any longer.

Tally-ho and away we go!

P.S.–Ignore the sign. I don’t write myself into the story, and I have no plans to write any of you in, either.


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