Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: ‘Religious Beliefs Must Change!’

I wish I had a nickel for every time some atheist or pagan sagely, and with no sense of his or her own pompous absurdity, advised Christians how to be Christians. This is not unlike the Nooze media advising Republicans who to pick for their presidential candidate–or sharks advising surfers as to water safety.

The latest liberal bigwig to do so is Hillary “Cash” Clinton, who recently declared that “religious beliefs must change” to accommodate abortion ( ). Women will never be “free” until you can kill your baby anytime, anywhere. Mrs. Clinton did not elaborate on how timeless, changeless portions of Christian faith and morality ought to be made to change. We have not yet reached the point where even a Democrat presidential candidate can openly talk about throwing millions of American citizens into re-education camps.

Before that it was The New York Times telling us that Christianity “must change” to accommodate homosexuals.

And we always have wise fools in our seminaries, known affectionately to liberals as Reputable Bible Scholars, who declare to us that nothing described in the Bible ever happened, Jesus Christ never rose from the dead but was just a Wise Teacher (who must also have been delusional, calling himself the Christ, the Son of God), and real Christianity is doing whatever liberals tell you to do and believing whatever liberals think you should believe. So a Real Christian believes in Global Warming, goes to gay weddings every chance he gets, believes all other religions (including atheism) are just as true as Christianity, and says the Bible is full of wonderful symbolism but otherwise not to be taken seriously for a moment.

You know what’s sad?

The fact that we already have legions of Real Christians who fit that description to a tee.

8 comments on “Assorted Left-Wing Jidrools: ‘Religious Beliefs Must Change!’

  1. To all of them, each and every one who insist on our religious beliefs changing to agree with them? WHEN PIGS FLY! Not a chance, nada,
    not even!! So get over it, all of you.

  2. President Trump is the most outspoken defender of Pro Life to ever inhabit the White House. Abortion is a curse upon America, and until this genocide stops we as a nation are quenching God’s blessings upon us. When Chelsea Clinton preaches that abortion has helped America to become economically prosperous, you know logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead. We need a third Great Awakening – prayer for it, and believe for it.

    1. How many of these entitled elitists would have volunteered to be among the aborted (murdered in the womb).

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