Comment Contest: Just 110 to Go…Let’s Hear It

Whoever posts the 3,000th comment on this blog will win a signed copy of one of my books (your choice).

So far there are just a few readers who comment regularly while everybody else keeps mum.

To leave a comment, all you’ve got to do is scroll down to where it says “Leave a Reply” and click it, and you’re in business.

I don’t allow comments that include the f-bomb or other cuss words (come on, now–this blog is sponsored by a Christian ministry), a sales pitch for some product that has nothing to do with anything here, or remarks that are personally abusive to me or other commenters. Other than that, let ‘er rip.

Go, go, go!

9 comments on “Comment Contest: Just 110 to Go…Let’s Hear It

  1. Does it have to only your books in print or can it be ones you still have to finish?

  2. I pretty much read everything you write here and on News with Views You and Coach Dave are two of my favorites. God Bless and keep writing.

  3. I enjoy your emails and I have read books 1-6. I love your writing style and the way you incorporate God into your stories. It’s amazing how you can write about something fictional and make it seem so real. Please don’t stop writing any time soon.

    1. Taylor, these books are my labor of love, and I would be desolated if for any reason I had to stop writing them.

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