A Wonderful Welsh Hymn

This is “Hyfrydol,” one of my very favorite hymns–an old Welsh hymn, here sung in Welsh by a Welsh choir.

No, I don’t understand the words. Somehow I don’t have to. The Holy Spirit is in this hymn, and I hear Him loud and clear. It moves me, stirs me–I wouldn’t care to try to speak aloud, just now.

We used to sing this in the Dutch Reformed Church, with Dutch Reformed lyrics. The Catholics have Catholic lyrics for it. I prefer the original Welsh, though I don’t understand a single word of it.

Hear the voice of the Spirit. Honor the Lord on the Sabbath. Not a bad idea, BTW, to honor Him every day of the year.

6 comments on “A Wonderful Welsh Hymn

  1. Very nice. Since my heritage is one half Welsh, I find the language intriguing, although I understand hardly a word of it.
    A favorite movie is Last Days of Dolwyn, starring a young Richard Burton.

    1. How I wish I could learn Welsh and Old English! But I guess I’m too old to start, and too busy to find the time.

  2. Church I used to go to sang the hymn I will sing the Wonderous story to this tune.

    1. Even the Mormons have their own lyrics to this melody–which was composed, by the way, in 1840. I thought it was older than that, but I stand corrected.

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