No More ‘Smores?

I think from now on it ought to be required that the president  be unmarried.

For someone whose title is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution, the “first lady” is always an annoyance and sometimes a true pest. The one we’ve got now is a menace.

Our current Worst Lady has a fetish for telling people what they ought to eat. Her latest caper is a bid to turn the traditional campfire treat, ‘smores, into “a healthy treat” by getting rid of the chocolate and marshmallow and replacing the good stuff with lo-fat yogurt ( ).

The horror! The horror…

Let’s see… If you take away the chocolate and the marshmallow from a ‘smore, isn’t that kind of like taking the meat and the bun from a hamburger? You can replace them with anything you want, but what you get won’t be a hamburger.

Do we really, truly, deeply want some sinner in Washington, D.C., nagging us about our snacks?

May God rid us of ungodly rulers.

4 comments on “No More ‘Smores?

  1. Yeah, she’s a serious buzz kill…on her good days. She should worry about what her own family eats and leave the rest of us alone. Seriously, how many ‘smores do people eat in a year anyway? Nowhere near enough to make such a fuss. Leave us something to enjoy around the campfire while we’re swatting away mosquitos!

  2. Nobody is going to dictate what I eat. I am a pretty good cook, knowledgeable about proper nutrition, and by gum, I will not be told what to eat.

    1. But didn’t we elect Mike Obama First/Worst Lady, and give her authority to tell us what to eat? Oops, check that: nobody voted for her, and there’s no law that gives anybody that kind of authority.

  3. Heaven forbid children in public schools should have some chocolate to pleasure their day. Food Nazis abound these days. Doesn’t the Scriptures say something about it when authorities say touch this, don’t touch that? God has set us free, and given us a conscience to help us make the right choices.

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