In Memorium: Sam Blumenfeld

A great champion of literacy and homeschooling has died.

Sam Blumenfeld (1927-June 1, 2015) worked tirelessly for decades to expose the fraud of public education and to pioneer home education. He labored to restore the practice of learning how to read by first learning phonics and the alphabet–a method vastly superior to the “word recognition” bushwa taught in many public schools.

I never had the privilege of meeting Sam, but I did help edit one of his books, Revolution via Education. Sam wrote many books on the history of education and on reading, including The Victims of Dick and Jane, Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers, The Alpha-Phonics Readers, and How to Tutor, just to name a few. All of his books are available from The Chalcedon Foundation (–just click “Store” and “Books”). While I’m at it, I must also recommend R.J. Rushdoony’s The Messianic Character of American Education–in which the creators and developers of public education reveal and condemn themselves in their own published words.

When Sam began crusading for home education, it was virtually illegal in most states. Now homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of education in America, no small thanks to him.

As a member of the Chalcedon family, I share in its mission to reform education by taking it out of the hands of teacher unions and the government and restoring it to families and churches where it belongs. The shortcomings and abuses of public education are too numerous to mention here (see, for instance, yesterday’s post, ). But Sam set us all an example of undaunted perseverance.

We know, as he knew, that the single greatest boon to America would be the end of public education. The rest of us will carry on where Sam left off.

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  1. I love your posts Lee, but would you please not fall into that stupid colloquialism “just to name a few”. It is correctly “to name just a few.”

    Please don’t make me explain the difference to you. Ray Greco

    Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 18:09:40 +0000 To:

    1. I believe my occasional use of a colloquialism is the exception that proves the rule, and I am not about to do a 360 over it.

  2. Thanks Lee – Sam has done so much for so many and his story doesn’t end here. I hope many folk will head off to Amazon & purchase his last efforts titled “The Crimes of Educators” co-authored by Alex Newman.

    While there check out another book titled Perfectly Incorrect – Why Common Core is Psychologically and Cognitively UNSOUND (authors capitalisation) by Terry Marcell (teacher of 41 years with a background in psychology). The cost? $0. Perhaps his belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to bear witness to the education crisis being perpetrated on the US by a small group of seriously misguided individuals with access to bucketloads of cash (Gates Foundation).

    A youtube search on Alex Newman should come up with a talk covering aspects of “The Crimes of Educators” … Hope you don’t mind if I reblog on 🙂

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