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There’s a lot of talking about re-opening the public schools this fall, pandemic notwithstanding. But we hope more people are thinking about homeschooling as a permanent solution for their families.

Chalcedon’s Andrea Schwartz has been working for homeschooling for many years. In 2005 she wrote this essay about acquiring a homeschooling mindset.


Well, if we’re not going to homeschool now–! How many news stories do we have to read about the ongoing scandal of public education? And now we’ve got “school officials” in Tennessee demanding that parents sign a waiver not to listen in on the, um, “lessons” served up to their kids in virtual classrooms.

Andrea urges homeschooling parents to be clear, in their own minds, about their mission. The Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions are pretty damned clear about their own–turn the next generation against their God, their families, and their country.

Please don’t send your children back to public school! Really, it’s not good for them.

Teacher Unions: Headed for the Scrap Heap?

Learning to Adapt with Personalized Homeschooling

When the school failed, my father taught me math. And it wasn’t all that hard for him to do.

More and more people are clamoring for the public schools to be re-opened, supposedly so that parents can go back to work while their kids are in school. But the teachers’ unions, by and large, don’t want the schools re-opened.

Are they cutting their own throats?

According to The American Thinker: maybe (https://tmp.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/07/have_the_teachers_unions_cut_their_own_throats_homeschooling_interest_surges_amid_covid_shutdowns.html).

They’re afraid of the Chinese Doomsday Virus, of course. In fact, they’re so afraid, they’ve been threatening to strike if the schools are re-opened.

And they’re afraid of homeschooling, too. Interest in actual in-person homeschooling, taught by a parent or a tutor, is overtaking remote online schooling as a more popular alternative, John Solomon has reported. It appears kids don’t do all that well, just being tutored by robots. But tests show that homeschoolers, taught by parents or tutors in person, do just fine. In fact, they’ve always done just fine, academically.

So they trot out the old “socialization” argument: the kids’ll grow up weird if they don’t have their classmates around them every day. As if families and neighbors couldn’t socialize children. The “socialization” kids get in school has never been anything but an ongoing lesson in conformity. The kids in school get socialized by other kids, their age-group peers. Honk if you think that’s a good idea.

America’s costly public “education” establishment is virulently anti-American and, in some cases, downright crazy. Getting the right answer to a math problem is “racist.” And “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.” All sorts of stuff just like that. Critics have been warning you about that for years, but a lot of you refuse to listen. The one thing all those white middle-class useful idiots rioting in the streets have in common is their so-called education. How can anyone in his right mind think America needs more of that?

So the unions find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Either they go back to school, where they think the virus is gonna get them, or they don’t go back to school and millions of American families discover that homeschooling really works and they don’t need teachers’ unions anymore.

No single thing would be more beneficial to America than the demise of the teachers’ unions and the building down of “education.”


Back to School? 4 out of 5 Say ‘Maybe Not’

Old Empty School Abandoned And Boarded Up Stock Photo - Image of ...

They have to re-open the building before they can go back to indoctrinating your kids.

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

A poll claims 4 out of 5 parents say they’re “considering” continuing homeschooling for their kids rather than sending them back to school this fall (https://www.studyfinds.org/scared-for-school-parents-homeschooling-kids-covid-19/).

That’s good news: the longer they have to do without public education, the more people will realize they can do without it. But so far the parents’ primary concern is whether the schools can protect their children from the Chinese Communist Doomsday Virus. Four out of five don’t think so. And 25% say uh-uh, under no circumstances will we allow our kids back into those classrooms, they’re just not safe.

A lot of folks who think of themselves as “conservatives” want the schools to be re-opened next month and the kids to go back. They haven’t thought this through. Without public education, including colleges and universities, the rise and success of cultural Marxism would be completely impossible. This is where all that toxic garbage comes from: our “education” establishment.

Trust me on this one, folks:

Defund the universities, break the teachers’ unions, kill public education… and Far Left Crazy dies.

Do We Really Want to Send Them Back to School?

Why are our children so bored at school, cannot wait, get easily ...

Now they’re talking about sending the kids back to school, the Chinese Communist Death Virus scare coming to an end. But there’s a question that ought to be asked.

Should we? Do we really need them all to be in public schools?

Of course not. You’d have to be daft to think so.

I can’t think of anything I ever learned in school that my mother and father couldn’t have taught me at home. My father, with only a 1930s high school education himself, taught me arithmetic where the classroom professionals failed. All right, neither of my parents could have taught me chemistry; but I wasn’t able to learn it in school, either. Besides, back then it was the 1950s, homeschooling was virtually unheard-of, and whereas today we have an abundance of homeschooling resources at popular prices, back then… there was nothing.

At one point during my grade school career, school authorities had begun to think of me as a rather stupid little boy, slow on the uptake. This was because I couldn’t read what was written on the blackboard. I needed glasses! But I was only nine or ten years old and didn’t know I needed glasses. For all I knew, everything was supposed to look blurry.

Glasses acquired, end of problem. Not stupid, after all.

What has America’s education establishment done in the last 50 years, besides teach children to hate their country and disrespect their families? To say nothing of the overall Big Lesson of public schooling that has always been with us: Your age-group peers are the most important people in the world, and you win their approval by conforming to them.

And on top of all that, public school is boring! It is the gold standard for boredom. It is to boredom what Mozart was to music. Mind-numbing, stultifying boredom.

Are you absolutely, positively sure you want to send them back to that?

‘Another Thing We Can Do’ (2013)

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You want these to teach your children because _______. Fill in the blank and win a genuine dunce cap!

A lot of us have been preaching this for years, until we’re blue in the face.

Christians! For the love of God, get your children out of public school!

Another Thing We Can Do…

But parents think they’re “not qualified.”

When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t learn how to add a column of figures: just couldn’t do it. Until my father sat down with me and, in 20 minutes or so, taught me how to do it–succeeding where the qualified experts had failed.

That was a long time ago. Today there are many solid alternatives to public education, all of them better than a public school.

The only purpose of an education system owned and run by leftists is to turn out more leftists.

Homeschool Perk

A picture worth a thousand words! From Marcia Settles’ blog, “A Mom Looking Up”

My First Day of School

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Last night on Youtube we watched some people reminiscing about their first day of school. Well, that brings back memories!

We lived right next door to the school. My mother took me there the first day. And then, to my horror, she left me there. What was she thinking?

My first day in class I found both boring and stressful. Then I found out I couldn’t leave until they said so. What? You mean I’m stuck here?

The principal, my first two years, was Mr. Popke, an angel who loved children. He made the place bearable. He was succeeded by a smarmy character who excelled in tricking little kids into admitting to mischief they hadn’t actually done. He was succeeded by an angry crone who communicated by shrieking at you. It went downhill from there.

As for the teachers, my mother, father, grandparents, aunts, and uncles were all way more interesting than any teachers. What did I ever learn in school that they couldn’t have taught me? Some of the teachers I had–well, the less said about them, the better. I was a homeschooling fan before I ever heard of homeschooling. There is very much to be said for children being taught by adults who know and love them.

Later on in grade school, I had the devil’s own time trying to learn how to add up a column of numbers. “Carrying” really stumped me. The teacher couldn’t solve it. My father sat down with me one evening after supper and taught me how to do it in twenty minutes.

And this was long before public education came to be all about sex, socialism, and detesting your country. It wasn’t toxic then. Just boring. I could have learned all the material a lot faster than I did, but the teaching was geared to accommodate the slower learners.

This was before the teachers’ unions sent delegations to places like Venezuela to praise the dictator and his socialist policies and then, upon their return, teach such piffle to the kiddies.

Public schooling is an idea whose time has come and gone. Long gone.

‘Schooling vs. Education’

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This insightful piece by Andrea Schwartz appeared in 2010 in the Chalcedon Blog.


Think about it: you knock yourself out to give your child a good, solid homeschooled education… and then you send him off to “college”? Plug him into “the artificial environment of college,” with peer pressure and arrogant left-wing professors taking the place of family and church? “To funnel these bright, homeschooled graduates into the modern education system makes little sense,” Andrea writes.

Even in 2010, nine years ago, there were good alternatives to a public college “education.” Today there are even more.

Homeschooling is a key to re-Christianizing America and saving it from dumbed-down socialism. Don’t abandon it just because your kid turns 18.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

‘From Kindergarten to Kollege in One Step’ (2014)

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It’s really college prep…

So they canceled the kindergarten show because they thought the four- and five-year-olds needed to spend the time getting ready for college. You don’t know whether to burst out laughing or take off your hat and bow your head for a moment of silence.

From Kindergarten to Kollege, in One Step

When I said the “educators” have leaf-litter for brains, I was being charitable. But the parents who send their children to be “taught” by these clowns are not much better.

Actually, the way college is now, a four-year-old ought to do quite well there.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 15 (‘Where’s the “Public” in “Public Education”?’)

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Somehow virtually all our education choices got taken away from us, leaving us with no role in education but to pay–and pay, and pay–for it.

Where’s the ‘Public’ in ‘Public Education’?

But that’s what the “pro-choice” mob does. They take away our choices.

The ones that own the schools have decided that our children need to be raised as sexual anarchists, and are busily doing just that in public schools from sea to shining sea. And we let them do it.

Again, the only vote we get is with our feet. Normal people’s children have to be rescued, physically removed, from public education. Homeschool or Christian school: either one is vastly better than the parody of learning that goes on in public schools.