How Stupid Can It Get?

What would you think if you saw a picture of Stephen Spielberg posing with the animatronic “sick Triceratops” from Jurassic Park? If you’re a normal person, you’d think, “Hey, that’s the sick Triceratops from Jurassic Park, and that’s Stephen Spielberg.”

But what if someone told you it was a “recreational hunter” who had just killed this defenseless animal and was posing with the body?

“No–that’s Stephen Spielberg, and that’s one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

But here’s what you get when stupid liberals, who think they’re smart, see the picture ( ). “Oh, no! He shot the poor defenseless animal! I’ll bet it’s an endangered species! Oh, Save the Planet!”

Some 40,000 ninnies protested on Facebook. To add zest to the report, one of those 40,000 ninnies was academic literary icon Joyce Carol Oates, famous for writing stories that wind up making very little sense but that’s why interllecturals like ’em.

To qualify for this degree of jidroolitude, you have to be so out of it that 1) you don’t recognize Spielberg when you see him, 2) you never saw Jurassic Park, much less read the novel (“But it was by Michael Crichton, and he’s B-A-D, a Global Warming denier!”), and 3) you were so busy eating tofu as a child that you never played with toy dinosaurs and you don’t recognize a Triceratops when you see one, despite your master’s degree in Social Justice and Feminist Literature.

They run our universities. They run our public schools. They run our news and entertainment media. And they vote.

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  1. I am going to proffer a new term today: educational dilution. Let me elaborate.

    It used to be that the colleges held to a high standard and made somewhat rigorous demands upon their students. Someone that went to college was very likely to be well-spoken and well read. Nowadays, the colleges have become so invested in attempting to influence the values of their students that they have reduced the value of their degrees. Education has been diluted because ever greater portions of the curricula are devoted to materials which are related to the social agenda of faculty.

    So, because of that, it becomes possible for college educated people to be completely ignorant of facts, such as the fact that Triceratops are no longer with us, and therefore cannot be hunted, even if you are as rich as Spielberg.

    1. It might not be perfect but it made us the most powerful and influential country in the history of man. I’d be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

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