Turky Is Too a Vegtebble!

I get sick of som of the stopid peple who reed this stopid blogg but maybbe thay cant help it thay not in collidge so thats why thay dont undderstand nothing. i jist notised that one of them “said I thuhgt yiu was a vegan how com yuo want to ete turky for chrismiss dinner?

See that shows how dum that thay reely are! Of corse i alreddy know thay not interllecturals lik me, thay not in collidge so i gess I “got” to explane it.

Hay, yuo big dop, turky is too a vegtebble!! it is jist OK and fine for me to ete turky and stil have a vegan dieit! Which is beecose turky is a vegtebble!! it istnt no red meet produck and besides it grows on treees and bushes. Yes i know it looks lik chicken but that is onely a Suprefisile Simularitty. Chicken has fethers and turky dont. Go into any stoor and you wont see no turky with fethers on it.

Anyway us interllecturals we can ete anythinge we want, oru big branes that so much bigger than yuors they neeed constant feeeding! Thats wyh Pressdint Obomma he ete al that Koby Befe and anyhow that is a vegtebble too and eting it is one of thos things that make him so smartt!!!

So see yiu ordrinary dum peple shuld jist shutt up becuse yiu dont know waht yuo talkin abuot, go do som of that Work yiu alyaws talkin abuot and jist leeve the thinkin to us!!! We been doin a goood job so far!!!!

C.S. Lewis and The Deplorable Word

In the hall of Charn’s dead kings and queens, Queen Jadis returns to life. But she hasn’t learned her lesson.

For me, one of the most memorable scenes in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia occurs in The Magician’s Nephew when Digory and Polly travel to a world called Charn and find it completely dead. No blade of grass, no drop of water–all dead, all dust.

In the dead city of Charn they find a hall of perfectly preserved dead kings and queens of Charn. How did this happen?

Two queens, sisters, both of them incredibly powerful witches, battled each other to become the supreme ruler of all of Charn. There’s always someone who wants to become the Supreme Ruler of Bloody Everything. On the point of losing the war, Queen Jadis utters a spell, The Deplorable Word, which wipes out all life on Charn. Another spell, inadvertently activated by Digory, brings her back to life so she can go on to become the White Witch, supreme tyrant over Narnia, where she made it “always winter, but never Christmas.”

This was written in the 1950s, when fear of a world-destroying nuclear war was a new thing, and very real to many people. World War II was also fresh in memory. Can there be any doubt that Hitler, cornered in his bunker, would have spoken The Deplorable Word, if he’d had it?

When the Serpent seduced Eve with his “ye shall be as gods” snake-oil, he tapped into a fatal aspect of human nature that remains with us today–the desire to be, like God, supreme ruler over everything. But God has promised that honor to His Son, Jesus Christ; and instead of a Deplorable Word, God says, “Behold, I make all things new” (Revelation 21:5)–thus highlighting the difference between a righteous, loving God and sinful, fallen man.

The lust to rule the world is still with us, in spades–in the U.N., in Washington, D.C., in Brussels, in ISIS, among the Global Warming mob, and liberally strewn throughout the minds of intellectuals.

But God is with us, too, and His word shall prevail.


Live For Ever With Frozen Brane!

Ha, ha, that guy went out. So i am hear insted.

My prefesser he mad me reade this news story ( http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/life/630902/company-bring-dead-back-to-life-with-brain-preserving ) al abuot how they can freze yore brane and make yiu live for ever! Thay figger thay can do it in thrity years from now, and thay wil be abble to mak you live to be 500! And that shuld shut them christins up but goood! Yah, hah, See, you stopid christins! Sceince wil give inmortallity!

Dont “yiu” see wear this is going??? my prefesser he says. “Iffn we onely frezes the branes of interllecturals lik us, and no branes of ordrinary dum peple, and then we dosnt let no one have a babby, then the ordrinary dum peple thay wil al dye out and thar wil be noboddy but us smart interllecturals left says” he. And then som repulbican who snucked into the leckture he sayed what abuot “socaled interllecturals who” already “got there branes frozen” and “it” didnt do them no good?

So we beet him up becose whatt he sayed, it was aginst Diversity.

Later we was lookin araond for somboddy’s brane to put in the freezer so we culd tak it out like 30 yeares later and then we put it in a bionic boddy and iff yiu do that over and over again that person wil live for ever!! My prefesser he sayed How “abuot we use yore brane?” But i sayed “No that wuld not be goood becuse i not finished yet gettin my Degre in Gender Studies” and this exspearmint with moth hormones it not over yet ether and my prefesser he jist hit me and he caled me a Sissy!

Yiu “has” hurted my feelers!” i sayed and then he sayed he was sory and he give me a nice hankerchiff to ete with my lunch so i gess I wil not bring no charges aginst him and Later he caled me smart so thats O K now.

Joe Collidge’s Chrismis

Ha ha, he went out so now i got his blogg.

I woked up this morning with kinda scare, i was al rapped up in somethin like a net and i culdnt get loose. Yiu kno i ben sleepin in my prefesser’s toolshed, he let me stay thar, Wel it turnt out i must of wofe a kocoon in my slepe! Thay kepe shootin me up with moth Hormoanes, that’s the exspearmint thayre doing and i dont see how thats sposed to give me wimmins Cromosoames but at leest i get to stay here in collidge for freee as long as i let them do exspearminuts on me.

I went home for Chrismis but they are all stopid peple and thay wuldnt let me in, “Open up i sayed you got to let me in for Chrismis but” my dad he sayed i coldnt come in if i was gonna say thare istnt no God. Wel I have got to say that! dont i? becose i is a interllectural, i not some christin dop that beleaves in God or angells or any of that bible stuf. so i sayed to my Dad “yiu oghujt to let me in so’s i can enlihgjtin yuo, why yiu want to be ingnorent”? and then he tol me to get lost. And they was havin Turky or somthin, i was so hunggery i cold ete a hoarse. Fortunutly they was a Snowman in the yard nex door and he had on a red whool hat so i ate that. It was Okay but it wastnt Turky was it!

Then thar was som peple who come singin Chrismis Caroles so i explaned to them that was stopid thing to do becuse thar istnt no God and Jesus was only just a nice guy and probly wastnt a reel person anyhow but they was too dum to lissten to a interllectural.

My prefesser he is so smart! Wen i com back and tole him al abuot it do yiu kno what he sayed! He sayed Its “onely natrul that ordrinary dum peple hates us interllecturals and thay dont want to do like we say but” somday wen Hillery is Presdint thay gonna al have to do what we say weather they lik it or not!! becose she going to mak them.

And now i got to go fined a hat or somthin, too bad i ate that Snowmans hat, becose its nite time and it gettin cold and my moth antenners on my head they freezin somthing awffle! and i hope i can weaf me another kocoon becose my prefesser he never gave me no blancket.

Help Me Go Out With a Bang

It’s the last month of the year, and I would dearly love to have another 3,000 hits on this blog. It ain’t easy to do! And certainly I can’t do it without my readers.

I will keep posting, if possible, on every day. But please feel free to explore the Archives. You may find some stuff in there that you really enjoy


Whait! Stop! Dont reed this guys blog, he is a Climbit Change Denyer and a hater and he isnt a interllectural at al, he forgott everthing he ever lerned in collidge.

My prefesser he sayed i shuld make yiu a better offfer! Anyboddy who dont reed this blog no more, even if yuo not in collidge, yiu can say yiu ar a interllectural, jist like if you reely was in collidge like me and gettin a degre in Gender Studies. Yuo can say yiu a interllectural and we wil back yuo up!

Oh lookit this, he left one of his sox on the coutch i think i wil ete it! They stil shootin me up with moth hormoanes and i think i gettin used to it. That blue sock dose look yummy i hop he warshed it latly!

Anyhow! Stay awaye from this hear blog and we wil tel peple that yiu a interllectural and reel smart, and dont forgit to vot for Hillery! Is the elecktin somtime thist munth? I beter ask.

My Interllectural Thansgiving

I went to my famply’s house for Thansgiving. They such dum peple! So i ask why thay prayin, becose God he dont exhist and its jist stopid to say prairs to him and then my sister she started cryin, she is such a idjit, and i pashently tryin to explane there isnt no god and finely my Dad he puls me off my chare and push me out the dore. That is how jellous they can be. Thats one thing yiu find out reel quiwk when yuo go to Collidge and becom a interllectural, that regulur dum peple dont like it that yiu are smarter then them.

Wel i was prety hungry so i go back to my prefessers houss but he wuld not invight me in to have diner with him and his freinds. He have tought us that Thansgiving is a wite supracist holliday al abuot opressing the Nattive Amerikans and bringin in all that christin and Captillist stuf that has made the hole world bad. Thansgiving is amlost as bad as Collumpus Day, thats what he sais.

But i gesse he culd see i was reel, reel hunkry he fellt sory for me and he sais, Here, “yiu can have this old sweater” I was goin to throe it out “but yiu can ete it insted.” in case yuo dont kno, i am in a exspearmint, trying to get wimmims femail cromasoames but they shot me up with this moth stuff, i think it’s Hormoans, and it done som funny things to my apetight and i got to ware a hatt al the time or else peple make fun of my moth-antenners growin out of my head! So i had the sweatter, it wasnt bad with ketchup on it.

Haloween and Me and Also Socail Justice

Wel they dint like the way the exspearmint was going so they give me some shots and then som diffrent pills, and my donky ears they fell off. I was glad they fel off, only now I got theese moth things growin out the top of my head and i seen a movie once, it was The Fly, and so i’m kinda nervess abuot the moth things if yuo kno what i meen.

Youse who arenot in collidge bein interllecturals, mayby yiu think al we do is work al the time. Thats not troe, we aslo have lots of fun!!

I want to go to the Socail Justice Haloween Party tonite and i got to get a costomb. The delergate from PETA he said i culdnt go with them moth things on my fourhead becose its disrespeckful to moths and othre insecks. I told him i cant help it their growing on me. I tride putting a hat over them but then they iched somethin awful.

My prefesser he sade Stick with it, the exspearmint goin to make yiu famose, expecially if it reely works and i do get turned into a wimmin with the femail cromosoms. I dont kno abuot that, i never seen no wimmin with thees here moth things–antenners, they are caled.

But i do stick with it becase at the end i wil get my degreee in Gender Studies and i wil be twicet as interllectural as i am now and al yuo poor dum peple wil have to lissen to me. And no i got to go and figger out my Haloween costomb.

Dont Buy His Books!!!

That guy who dose this blog, I am so made at him, he better wach out or elsse i’ll beet him up. He is alyaws goin on abote how collidge is a waist of time and money and trying to mak me look like a iddiot. Yiu cant even sea my donky ears becose now im wearing a hoody.

Well i dont lik what he saide aboat them prefessers at Cornel who say the unerversity sholdnt ouhgjt to hire repubblickins. He dont know nothin abute whatt it menes to be a interllectural so he shuld just shut up. And my prefesser he sayse we got to get this guy oncet and for al so that no one reeds him animore. And I says okay, prefesser, i kno just howe to do that.

This guy has al theese stopid books out theire wich he wants youall to reed and he has a new one comin out soon, it is caled The Temple.

Well this here book it is the wurst boock anyboddy ever wrote, it is jist terrable, you best not reed it if yiu kno whats good for yuo. Dont reed none of his books theye are awfful and besydes he is a Hater who dont beleave in Globbal Warming and he dont want wimmin to have a bortion. I kno somone who red that book Bell Mountain and gesse what hapened to him? HE DYED!!!

Aslo im goin to aske my prefesser Can we give out free Collidge Degres to evryone who dont reade this guys bookes? When she is Presdent, Hillery she wil give free collidge to evryboddy but i dont think she wil get made iff we do it ferst.

Senator Cought on Vidiotape!!

I forgott to tell yiu yestreday that one of the ressults of this exspearamint is that i alreddy getting smarter and aslo my sihgt geting keeener, I see things now that i didnt use to see befour. That is why i lik to be hear at collidge, bein a interllectural.

So i found this hear viddiotape of a senator running acrost somplace and sombody fillmed it. Yiu wil notise that this is abbsolootly real, it reelly is a senator. If thear wasnt no such thing as a senator it wuldnt be on viddio, dont let any stopid christins tel yuo theyr no senators, halff horse and halff perrson.

Wel no i got to get back to work campaining for Hillery so she can be presdint.

My Exspearamint

Boy that guy who has the blog he burns me up, he is so stopid. That is becose religin makes him stopid. If he was a interllectural like me he wuld be smart.

Lik I told yiu lasst time, i am in a exspearamint for Reallity Studies, they tryin to turn my mail cromosoms into femail. I do this becuse i got no more money for collidge but they let me stay if I be in the exspearamint and i got to stay hear and get my degre in Gender Studies. Meanwile I live in my prefessers tool shed.

They been givin me injectins and pills and this red stuff to drink it tastes horible, and i didnt think it was workin until I was walkin to my Gender Justice lectiure and thes two iddiot conserfatiffs they pointin at me and laghing, Ha-ha-ha!! And later when I looked into a mirrer i seen my reflectin, and oh man!!! My Ears been growing! They turning into bunny Ears!! I got so freeked out, i went home. And my mom she made me stand on the steps and wuldnt let me in, and she sais them aint bunny Ears, them’s Jackass Ears!! And she say it serve me rihgjt.

But my prefesser he give me scraps to eat and he sais Never mind, “this is a smal pryce to pay to get a degre in Gender Studies and reely be a interllectural that nobody can deneye,” and anyhow Sceince is alyaws rihgt and this is Sceince. But i got Jackass Ears!! But he sais jist chill out, man, the exspearamint aint over yet and lots of Good things can stil happen.

I sure hop hes rigjt becase now my hat dont fit.