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Lost! 200-foot-long Dinosaur

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Jambo! Mr. Nature here, with today’s safari into the incredible. Maybe even the preposterous.

Once upon a time, or so they say, there was a dinosaur–a sauropod, like a brontosaur or Diplodocus–that grew to be 200 feet long. Twice as long as an NBA basketball court. Edward D. Cope named it Amphicoelias. With all the new discoveries, in recent years, of super-sized sauropods all over the world, interest in Amphicoelias has been renewed.

The key piece of this dinosaur was a single vertebra 8.9 feet long. And sometime after 1878… it got lost.

Now, how do you lose a 9-foot-long dinosaur bone? It’s not like it could have slipped behind the couch. What kind of dingbat loses something nine feet long? “I coulda sworn I had it in this closet, with the Christmas tree ornaments…” “It somehow got lost when we moved…” Really!

We still have drawings of this bone, made by scientists who studied it, but who wants to take the kids to a museum to see drawings?

And so a land animal as long as two blue whales laid end-to-end… is lost. Like a spare set of car keys. Like that carefully boxed complete set of 1961 baseball cards that should be up on that shelf in your bedroom, but isn’t. Alas and alas!

We can only hope it turns up in someone’s garage someday.

‘Ninny Break: No, This Is not a Dinosaur’ (2016)

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It’s still not a dinosaur.

Really, how dumb do they think they are, that they can tell us a fish is a dinosaur and get away with it?


The Internet is in many ways a boon to civilization, but it does have its flaws. One of its flaws is a complete absence of quality control.

Not that I can think if anyone whom I’d want to be the quality controller!

New Jersey’s Baddest Dinosaur

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Imagine a dinosaur about halfway between a Raptor and a T. rex, combining the nastiest features of both–crushing jaws full of dagger-teeth, with long, curved claws, smaller and more maneuverable than Rex, bigger and stronger than a Raptor.

Hi! Mr. Nature here, introducing Dryptosaurus, New Jersey’s most impressive predatory dinosaur. Its remains were discovered in 1866, in a geologic formation that I used to visit in my own fossil-hunting days. To this day we don’t have anything like a complete skeleton; but we do have enough to indicate a highly dangerous creature probably related to the much more famous Tyrannosaurus rex.

One of the things I loved about the “Jurassic World” movies was the artificially created dinosaur, “Indominus rex.” To me it looked just like a scaled-up Dryptosaurus–and that would be scary!

I like to imagine Dryptosaurus stalking its prey by night under the stars, along the dunes of Long Beach Island. I resist the temptation to volunteer anyone as prey.

Dinasores thay Are Danjerice!!

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I seen a moovie Last nihght “and” it blowed My “mind”! it was caled “Jarastic Whirld” and i didnt Know “this” becose i thinked Dinsores thay are Exstinkted but now Sciance it has brung Them back by clowning them!!!

Dinasores thay Are reel “big” and thay Eat peeple!!! that “is” whatt makes them Danjerice! So this dockumentry moovy “it” was al abote this Park in Soth Americka some place “ware” thay clowned dinasores and then the dinasores “thay Got” looce and eated peeple and chaced them al aruond!! and some guy he sayed This “is waht hapens wen”” yiu get Careless whith clowning!!! And waht wil hapen iff the dinasores thay “come up hear” and strat chacing us??? man i didnt know that!!

So we hadded a emirjensy meting of the Stodent Soviet to figger out “Whatt To Doo” in case the dinasores thay come hear and we Votid to dig a lot of deep Holes on campas for us “to” hyde in in case thare is dinasores aruond! It will “coast” a lott of Munny so thay whill has to raze the Tuation!!!

Wee aslo votid that theese hear dinasores thay Are Donold Trumpt’s fallt becose he Is “a” Racist and a Homo foab and iff he “is Impeecht” and he shuld Be impeecht for that,, and then Hillery she is Pressadint “The” Dinasores thay wont eat noboddy!!!

‘Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? Really?’ (2015)

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A great deal of silly stuff has been written about dinosaurs, including the claim that they never existed and the whole thing is just a fiendishly clever conspiracy, blah-blah.


God has done things that we don’t understand. He created dinosaurs, pronounced them good, and then, it so appears, removed them for our sake, leaving only fossils and trackways behind.

Which, in all probability, is as it should be.

‘So Dinosaurs Weren’t Real?’ (2015)

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Stegosaurus–from the unexplored wilds of North America

Don’t you love it when stupid tries to sound smart, and convinces himself that he’s done it?

Here is stupid trying to sound smart by claiming dinosaurs weren’t real; and as a bonus, offers a conspiracy theory to explain away fossils. As it is based on pure ignorance, the theory doesn’t quite rise to the level of the asinine.


How many times have you heard someone say they believe something because it was on TV… or because they read it on the Internet?

‘I Stand Corrected’ (2013)

I’m still amazed, always, when I encounter conspiracy theories that say dinosaurs never existed, they’re just a massive hoax cooked up by “the corporations” or whoever. How did so many people come to think this way–if you can even call it thinking?


‘God and Dinosaurs’ (2015)

Although the founders and pioneers of the study of dinosaurs were all Christians, today’s atheists like to use dinosaurs as “proof” that the Bible’s wrong about pretty much everything.

But it was the 20th century that was the humanist century; and look what they did with it.

Dinosaurs, of course, were God’s handiwork. And as Bob Bakker–another Christian who’s a leading dinosaur scientist–says, God must have really enjoyed creating these babies.


The Age of Dinosaurs: Who’s Telling the Truth?

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Did dinosaurs die out 65 million years ago, or only thousands of years ago?

I’ve been reading up on this today, because I came across a startling claim that Carbon-14 has been found in dinosaur fossils and can be used to date them. C-14, an isotope of carbon, has long been useful and reliable for dating archeological finds. The thing that makes it useful is that C-14 decays into nitrogen at a consistent, predictable rate. The thing that makes it less useful is that after 100,000 years ago or so, tops, there’s no C-14 left to measure.

A site called “newgeology” has a long article about C-14 dating of dinosaur fossils, an article which makes some eye-popping claims (http://newgeology.us/presentation48.html). Let me very briefly discuss three highlights.

One: Creation scientists who found C-14 in eight dinosaur fossils presented a paper to a conference of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society. This is the right protocol to follow. The paper was at first accepted, but then abruptly deleted from the program without a word to the authors. Because, said the chairman, “There is obviously an error in these data.” An error not even worth discussing.

Two: Creation scientists submitted samples of dinosaur fossils to the Center for Applied Isotope Studies, without revealing what the samples were. After allowing for the usual variations, the lab found the samples to be about 30,000 years old.

But when someone informed them that the items they’d tested and dated were dinosaur specimens, the lab president hit the ceiling. “The scientists at CAIS and I are dismayed by the claims that you and your team have made with respect to the age of the earth and the validity of biological evolution. Consequently, we are no longer able to provide radiocarbon services in support of your anti-science agenda.” Which does not address the issue of whether their testing procedures are all they’re cracked up to be.

Three: A part-time employee studying C-14 in dinosaur fossils at the Biology Dept. at Cal State U. Northlands was swiftly sacked after the department head found out what he was doing. “We are not going to tolerate your religion in this department!” raged the objective scientist. No emotional commitment to atheism here. That was in 2013. In 2016 the–ahem–university paid $400,000 to settle the employee’s wrongful termination lawsuit.

Can I vouch for my source, “newgeology”? No, not really. It’s a creation science website. That does not mean its writers are incapable of any kind of prevarication; nor does it mean that their claims here aren’t true.

I want to believe my fellow Christians, but the Old Earth/Evolution paradigm was so deeply instilled in me, for so long, that it’s hard to break away. And who am I to say that my interpretation of Genesis Chapter 1 is the one and only right interpretation? I’d be laughed out of the room.

At the same time, I confess to a deep distrust of Establishment Science. The Global Warming/Climbit Change Scam has abundantly demonstrated a profound lack of integrity among scientists as a subculture. Anything for politics! Anything for power! High priests of a New World Order! (And those who know me well, will understand that I have to be pretty riled up to use that turn of phrase.) Plus the fact that this subculture is riddled with atheists of the most rabid variety.

The supremely funny thing about it all is that it really doesn’t matter when the dinosaurs died out. And yet this question has been turned into an emotional battleground, with other things at stake that do matter, that matter very much: like whose word has authority, God’s or man’s? Is science divorced from God still science, or just a kind of idol worship? And so on.

I can’t prove that anybody’s telling the truth, and that does trouble me.

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