Driving Children Crazy

And this is a good idea because…?

What would you say if your local public school told the kids that cross-dressing will be, on certain days, compulsory?

Aw, c’mon, that’d never happen!

But it already has happened. In Italy. Italian parents are organizing to protest it ( http://dailysurge.com/2015/06/italian-parents-protest-forced-cross-dressing-in-elementary-schools/ ). The Red Pope took time out from Global Warming to protest this abomination.

See, the compulsory cross-dressing for the kiddies is based on “guidelines” from the European Union, which in turn is based on “sex education” guidelines drawn up by the  United Nations World Health Organization, WHO–as in “WHO addled our children’s minds and morals?”

It seems the aim of this is “to overcome gender stereotypes.” Uh… why? Why do lib’rals get so turned on by boys in dresses?

But let’s put the blame where blame belongs–on the backs of parents who continue to send their kids to public school, despite the blatant wickedness of public education.

Just keep on denying and denying there’s a problem, right up to the day your son says to you, “Call me Caitlyn.”

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  1. Not sure what the laws are in Italy, but in Germany it is illegal to homeschool your kids. I am really grateful that we do have the choice here…for now. There are political groups fighting to take that away from us as we speak.

    1. That fight has been going on for a long time. R.J. Rushdoony spent most of the 1970s traveling all over the country to testify as an expert witness in dozens of court cases involving the right to homeschool. The Carter administration resisted strongly, but homeschoolers won most of their cases, setting the stage for homeschooling to become, today, the fastest-growing mode of education in our country.
      That being said, it remains for us never, never, never to drop the ball! In recent years public education has grown more and more overtly antichristian. We must keep at our work, day after day, until by God’s grace we prevail.

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