Down With Redheads?

I’ve been reading a 2012 novel by Ruth Rendell, The St. Zita Society, in which one of the characters is publicly abused for having red hair. All these yobbos on the street shout at her and call her names.

Huh? What gives?

Briefly dipping into the Internet, I discover, much to my surprise, that there is in Britain a loud and nasty prejudice against red-haired people. I never knew that. UK readers, clue me in–what’s that all about?

I suspect it might be because Political Correctness has banned bigotry against most other groups; and the id, seeking an outlet for its venom, has only a few permitted targets remaining to it. Here in the US, you get to feel virtuous for insulting people who smoke. You’re not allowed to cuss out anybody else, but smokers are considered fair game. And I guess in the UK it’s redheads.

I wonder whose turn it will be next.

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