How Moral Imbeciles Defend Abortion

Sorry for this horrible image–but if you have a problem with it, then you must be a forced-birth advocate.

The defense of abortion has been getting more and more inane. I won’t say it’s as offensive as abortion itself–you know: killing a baby and selling off the body piece by piece–but it is certainly very offensive.

Even before it came out that Planned Parenthood was selling off chunks of aborted babies, pro-aborts had discovered a devastating new put-down, guaranteed to slay pro-lifers where they stood.

Ready? Here it is: anyone opposed to abortion is to be called a forced birth advocate.

Get it? These wicked evil people are forcing, forcing women to have babies. The way-out-there lefty Daily Kos has a sample rant ( ), in which we get the whole package: forced birth advocates hate women, they think women should be nothing more than “walking incubators,”  they indulge in “fetus worship,” and of course they don’t believe that “women’s lives matter.”

Abortion can also be defended by dreaming up statistically unlikely scenarios ( “What if a woman is raped by someone with AIDS while crossing the Barents Sea in a kayak?”), but it’s really much more fun to call names.

And when all else fails, pro-aborts can call upon their sponsor, Satan–as they did two years ago in this famous pro-abortion rally in Texas ( ).

I think we can be sure that Satan hears them.

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