‘Do You Want to Live FOREVER?’

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They’re popping their buttons over this one.

“The possibility of being able to live FOREVER just became one step closer as scientists proved that they can revive cryogenically frozen life,” The Express exults today (http://www.express.co.uk/news/science/836072/cryogenic-freezing-live-forever-eternal-life).

After 60 years of trying unsuccessfully, “experts” have revived frozen zebra fish embryos. Well, 10 percent of them, at any rate. The other 90 percent, not so good. And they say the little fish are doing fine. If you’re in the market for immortal zebra fish, it’s time to do a cartwheel.

Here we go again–once we get all the bugs worked out, we shall surely be as gods. Just like Satan promised in the Garden.

And we can also use this technology to put astronauts in suspended animation for long space voyages. Failing that, we can always send zebra fish to other planets. I had a zebra fish once: nice little fellow. But I doubt he would’ve found Mars to his liking.

The complicated high-tech process they’re using for this, with lasers and nanotech, etc., sounds like it’d be very expensive. So probably they won’t have the money to make everyone immortal. Guess who’s going to be first in line. Hint: It won’t be you.

At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I was under the impression that I’m already signed up for eternal life, by means of the power and grace of God and faith in Jesus Christ. I like my old plan and want to keep it. Unlike other plans–for health care, say–the government can’t take it from me. Although there are those who’d certainly try to do so.

Would you really, truly, want to be cryogenically frozen and then brought back to life 70 years from now, as a stranger in an exceedingly strange land?

I already have my salvation, thank you. Jesus Christ obtained it for me, two thousand years ago.


How Moral Imbeciles Defend Abortion

Sorry for this horrible image–but if you have a problem with it, then you must be a forced-birth advocate.

The defense of abortion has been getting more and more inane. I won’t say it’s as offensive as abortion itself–you know: killing a baby and selling off the body piece by piece–but it is certainly very offensive.

Even before it came out that Planned Parenthood was selling off chunks of aborted babies, pro-aborts had discovered a devastating new put-down, guaranteed to slay pro-lifers where they stood.

Ready? Here it is: anyone opposed to abortion is to be called a forced birth advocate.

Get it? These wicked evil people are forcing, forcing women to have babies. The way-out-there lefty Daily Kos has a sample rant (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/08/07/1409643/-Marco-Rubio-and-Fetus-Worship ), in which we get the whole package: forced birth advocates hate women, they think women should be nothing more than “walking incubators,”  they indulge in “fetus worship,” and of course they don’t believe that “women’s lives matter.”

Abortion can also be defended by dreaming up statistically unlikely scenarios ( “What if a woman is raped by someone with AIDS while crossing the Barents Sea in a kayak?”), but it’s really much more fun to call names.

And when all else fails, pro-aborts can call upon their sponsor, Satan–as they did two years ago in this famous pro-abortion rally in Texas ( http://leeduigon.com/2013/07/05/hail-who-do-they-know-what-theyre-saying/ ).

I think we can be sure that Satan hears them.

Satan’s Seat: Detroit

Here is one of the many ruined public buildings in Detroit. Rather large chunks of the city look like this. See how soon you can make your city part of Satan’s kingdom!

Detroit now has exactly what it needs, the answer to its problems, just what the doctor ordered–a nine-foot tall, one ton, bronze statue of… no, not Al Kaline…of Satan ( http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2015/07/25/group-to-unveil-satan-statue-in-detroit-during-largest-public-satanic-ceremony-in-history/ ).

Erecting a statue of Satan in a building called The Satanic Temple may seem like a jejune and sophomoric thing to do–but who better to serve Satan than jejune and sophomoric idiots?

The monstrosity was originally going to be put up in Oklahoma City, but they couldn’t swing it–although they did persuade a “judge” to ban the state capitol’s Ten Commandments monument. But it’s really much more suitable to Detroit. If you want to see what Satan’s kingdom looks like, you can’t go wrong by starting in Detroit.

The ninnies at The Satanic Temple say they are advocates for the separation of church and state. You bet they are. They are also buckling down to fight a great battle against “theocrats.” This shows how it’s a good idea to choose your battles wisely. Theocrats have absolutely no influence whatever on American culture or public policy. No risk of being defeated by them!

So, why not take a few days off to visit Detroit, groove on the lovely urban scenery, and reflect on how long it’ll take for your city to have a great big statue of Satan, too?

Did I mention Detroit is a city ruled lock, stock, and barrel by Democrats?

‘The Learning Channel,’ Culture Killer

You didn’t really think I’d post a picture of some “transgender teen” up here, did you? Here is a monarch butterfly instead–in total contrast to the grotesque content of this post, for which I apologize in advance.

I suppose we can’t expect much from a cable TV channel that airs Say Yes to the Dress. But really–when you take ideas and practices that the whole human race has emphatically rejected for untold thousands of years, and suddenly try to make them the groundwork of your morality… well, you wind up with something like TLC’s All That Jazz: a “documentary series following the life of transgender teenager, Jazz Jennings, as she [sic: every cell in this person’s body continues to be male] balances school, family [note that school comes first] and her [sic] social life” ( http://www.locatetv.com/tv/i-am-jazz/season-1/9260065 ).

In this week’s episode, “Worried about keeping puberty at bay, Jazz and her [sic] mother visit the doctor to discuss her [sic] hormone test results.” Did your mother ever worry about keeping your puberty at bay?

As Jazz himself explains, “I was assigned male at birth {what? what kind of talk is this?] but happily live as a girl!”

I shouldn’t have to be the one to say this: but there is something evil and twisted going on in that family, and to celebrate it on TV, and pretend it’s good and praiseworthy, is more evil and twisted still.

Possibly some of this is just the age-old nooze media fascination with anything outlandish and bizarre. Dog bites man, so what? Man bites dog, it’s news.  But the man-bites-dog stories always go away in a few days, while this transgender stuff, already rancid, just keeps getting heaped higher and higher. Our popular culture is coming to resemble a Superfund site.

At the root of this is rebellion against God and the perverse desire to proclaim oneself as God. “Assign me male at birth–oh, yeah? Well, I’m gonna make myself a girl–so there!” Or as Satan put it to Eve, “Ye shall be as gods” (Genesis 3:5).

And in this case, it’s all crap, to boot. If you are male, every cell in your body has a Y-chromosome. No matter how you have yourself mutilated surgically, no matter how much you have yourself shot full of drugs and hormones, you’ve still got several million Y-chromosomes. You are still male.

Learn to live with it… if your demonically inspired parents give you a chance.

New Fox TV Show for 2016: ‘Lucifer Morningstar’

[Here’s the DC Comics depiction of Lucifer Morningstar. The Devil’s gone all suave–Linda Blair would never recognize him.]

I suppose it was bound to happen someday: a new TV series with Satan, the Devil, as the protagonist.

Libs love to blame Fox News for tricking people into being conservatives when otherwise we would all just naturally be progressives, blah-blah, fart-noise. But if Fox News is part of any kind of conservative enterprise on the part of the Fox Corporation, I would like to know just what it is they’re conserving.

In the new series, Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil has retired as the manager of Hell and gone on to open a nightclub in Los Angeles.( http://www.christianpost.com/news/one-million-moms-says-new-fox-tv-series-lucifer-mocks-the-bible-starts-petition-urging-for-shows-cancellation-139742/)  Here you know it’s fantasy: the real Devil would have made a beeline for Washington, D.C., where all his friends are.

Did you know this TV show is based on an already existing comic book? DC Comics is the proud producer of Lucifer Morningstar, the comic book ( http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Lucifer_Morningstar_%28New_Earth%29 ). What can I say but Aquaman, come back, all is forgiven?

Some Christian groups are already protesting Fox’s plan to air this series. I don’t know that it’s any more spiritually toxic than so much else that’s already out there. Making the Devil the center of the story–oh, well, John Milton did that long ago. Portraying Old Nick sympathetically, that’s been done, too.

This show will be just one more little lump of coal to Newcastle. If Fox pulls it, there’ll still be plenty of filth left to watch, including stuff that’s actually more devilish than Lucifer Morningstar would probably prove to be.

Still, when it comes to cleaning up the culture, we have to start somewhere, and here is as good a place as any.

But I would rather Christian artists and story-tellers create work that’s so much better than the dreck that it just elbows it off the shelves.